Monday, December 25, 2006

Kaylie, Auntie Catra and Rocky...
Today was great my brother Jay, his wife Kathy and their two kids Kaylie 3 and Serenity 5 months came over.
I spent a lot of time with Kaylie. we took Rocky around the block and ran. She understands Auntie Catra runs in the Mountains 100 miles, and she also knows I work at Whole Foods. That's where my brother shops. But not at mine. But he always tells Kaylie that's who Auntie works for.
She told me she wants to run in the Mountains with me and she wants to have tattoos too.
I love just watching kids they are so free they have no worries.
I love to watch them run, we can learn so much they have no fear when they run. Kaylie was running and tripped and jumped right up and kept going.
I loved my time spend with Kaylie today. For the New Year I plan on spending more time with her. Posted by Picasa


Matthew Ruscigno said...

yo Catra! What's up? I am working on my blog, should have stuff up soon soon soon. Next time you come down to So Cal give me a heads up and I promise to be on your pace team! You got a schedule posted anywhere?

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE reading your positive vibes! And I was also thinking about kids the other day, in regards to 'adults' trashing running. I was thinking - just watch kids - they run, they love to run! It's so natural - just watch them and see how normal and natural it is for us to do!!!

Catra said...

Hey Matt-
Woo Hoo good to hear from you!
I will be running hundreds every month the rest of the year. I start my PCT speed record attempt on may 21st.
I will be in So Cal in September for Angeles Crest 100 so I would love to have you pace me then.
I will give you a holla when I come down that way to visit friends.