Tuesday, December 26, 2006

5,000 mile legs, I got em...
On December 31st I will have put over 5,000 miles on these legs for 2006.
How many miles did you put on your legs this year???? Posted by Picasa


squirrel_nutz said...

702 and counting, now over 50/week (as of last week).

Two 11K races in the books, several 17K-25K events planned for early months of 2007, with goal of first ultra in May. Thanks for the inspiration.

See ya around.

Flatman said...

Not nearly enough...but that's what 2007 is for!

Love the ink.

Chris said...

Just 4500 kms (!) this year... 2750 kms from July to December 2006.
I know that's not much. My best year was 2003 with more than 11000 kms, including my best month - June 2003 with 1090 kms (nearly 20 miles per day).
But your 5000 miles are aweful!!!

Ultra Okie said...

That is awesome Catra. I don't log my miles, but know that I haven't run near enough. I am hoping that a a sober 2007 will lead to many more miles. While I have many things to be thankful for in my life, I want you to know that I am thankful for the opportunity to have met you. After watching you in Running Madness and learning more about your story and life, and then getting to meet you, I think that has helped me get sober (and stay sober). I also have a wonderful and understanding wife to thank.

I read a saying that goes something like this: People enter your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I believe that our paths have crossed for a reason.

You are truely amazing.

JeffO said...

I don't log my miles either, but I raced 299.8 miles and trained probably another 1000.
You're super-woman!

olga said...

Just passed 3000. Biggest year yet:) You are crazy!

Catra said...

Hey SN-

I'm glad I can inspire you!! WOO HOO..

Catra said...

Hey Flatman-
That's right there's always next year!

Catra said...

Hey Chris-

Thanks!!! That's a lot of running. Maybe I need to get a life!!! Wait I love my life. I think I will keep this one!

Catra said...

Hey Steve-

I'm glad you're staying sober. If I can U can!!!!
Yes, we come into each others lives for many different reasons. Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out why someone came into our life but in the end we figure it out.

I'm glad we are buddies and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Love ya,

Catra said...

Hey Jeffo-

Thanks for the compliment!! Superwoman, know only if I could find superman my life would be complete!!!

Catra said...

Woo Hoo Olga! Good for you girl!!! REMEMBER i'M SINGLE AND HAVE NO KIDS!! That's why I log all the miles ;)
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

hmmm, does chasing kids count on those miles :)

Anonymous said...

4200 and a 240 mile speed record on the shore -to-shore trail in michigan

Catra said...

Chasing kids! I have none! if you have kids count those miles!!!

Catra said...

WOW anonymous that's awesome 4,200 + a speed record!!!
Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm in a hurry to be on the PCT .....lol...
super sexy girl!!!!!

squirrel_nutz said...

Yeah Catra...don't think I would have ever guessed the same girl that I could not get to run a single lap around a 400m track twenty-five years ago would one day help motivate me to train for my first ultra???

See ya around.

Jessica Deline said...

Congrats on the 5000 Catra - that's pretty amazing! I fell shy of 1100 due to an injury that's taken me out the last few weeks. But prior to this year my total lifetime mileage was only about 1300 (over the past 3 prior years) - I'm a brand new ultra runner this year and almost doubled my lifetime mileage in the process!

Emily said...

Not sure why, but it hadn't occurred to me to log my mileage this year. (Wouldn't even be a tenth of yours, but since you're claiming that single and childless equals 5,000 miles, I think I'll just blame my husband for my laziness. *ROTFL*)

Blogging the mileage helped keep me honest when I trained for my first marathon.

My goal for 2007 is to run the length of Route 66 in Oklahoma. But I'll be doing it in little bites ... you can keep those ultras. ;)

David Sclothe said...

Maybe 3000 this year. You've got me thinking about b/logging miles for the first time in '07.

Found yr site via teamslug.com, with whom I'll be doing my second 50K in a week or so. This ultra stuff is a blast. Much more fun than road races.

If you've got a doppelgaenger on the East Coast, please say so--I'll give her a kiss for ya on New Year's.

Catra said...

Hi David-

I do have a doppleganger on the Eastcoast and yes you can kiss her ;)
I love the slugs!!! Have fun running your next Ultra! Tell the slugs hi!.
Oh, yeah the road sucks. Hot guys only run trails ;)

Catra said...

Hi Emily-

Good for you to run the entire route, of route 66 in pieces.
That was tough to run the whole 100 on the road when I'm not a road girl. Still don't know how I pull off 22:48 there.
Have a happy New Year.

Gregg Lynn said...

Catra, you're so inspiring. 1500 and some change for me. Up about 20%. Plus my first two ultras in 06--I'm still stoked about that. Ultra #3 on Jan 1!!!

Keep runnin'---you're a shining light for a lot of people


Catra said...

Hey Gregg-

Thanks for the nice words. You rock you keep up the ultras..Woo Hoo!!!

Brian said...

just shy of 900, although I plan to at least double that in 2007...keep on running, perhaps I'll see you at WS...be glad to give you an adjustment!!

Squirrel said...

Hi Catra,

5000 is a crazy sick amount of running but your holding up girl. Your Awesome. I got in right at 2300 which sounds pretty puny. Take care and kick ass at the HURT.

CTT said...

Not that many this year only around 1600 or so, to many injuries! But have added cumilative to my career total which went over 76000 miles this year!!!

Anonymous said...

This ol'timer can't handle pure mileage like that anymore. I have to mix it up to stay healthy. At 32 years of running I have just over 92,000 running miles, around 76,000 bicycling miles and unknown # of hiking and peak climbing miles. The legs feel as strong as ever but they are a bit noisy now. I try to use my brain full-time and put the brawn on the backburner.

Run for a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

gosh!!! You are a goddess