Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Today was just one of those days!!!
I felt like staying in bed and sleeping in. Which I did! That meant insead of Crossfit I had to go to my gym 24 hour fitness.
I ran and than went to the gym for an hour.
I looked at my log book and updated it and realized I would hit 5,000 running miles for the year no problem. I plan on running 40 mile on New Years eve morning. So looks like this week I will run very little until that day so I can hit 5,000 miles on that day.
I try and run 4,500 each year. I will have to look back but I think this is maybe the 4th time in my 8 years that i've hit the 5,000 mile mark.
That's a lot of running!!!
Have a awesome day...

in dance, no movement
or direction is better or worse
than another. This, too,
is the way to view all of
life. See all the "good and bad" things that
happen to you simply as
movements in the
dance of life.

WOW I love this card. It has so much meaning.
I get it. It is all just movement it is not good or bad it just dance and the way our life moves like a dance.
hmmm...I like it!
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Flatman said...

Congrats on the 5000! WOW!!!

Catra said...

Hey Flatman-
Thanks :)