Saturday, December 09, 2006

Friends having fun! It's all about fun. Me and Dominic had fun just hang'n out in Tahoe. We gambled a little and lost a little. Next time we will hopefully snow board!
Next Friday at 5am is my big b-day run 42 hours for my 42nd b-day. Let me know if anyone wants to join me.

Zen Card.

right action......
strive to always do
what is right- not in the
eyes of others' but in
your own heart. Others' thoughts are
transitory- one moment
they will love you, the
next they will
not. Act on what is
right in your own heart,
and there will be viictory. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

OK i come for you B-day run next friday ....right for me
no problem...arf!!! yes i have little problem i'm in France but i have full thoughts for your B-DAY

oh i forgot you have very good style on your snowboard, but the pant isn't enough

Bob Gentile said...

Catra 42? u mean 29! :-) and you are just running 42 hours because you can- LOL

Look forward to your Birthday Post adventure, sounds awesome!!

Ju is right Catra your pants aren't too PHATTTTTTTTTTTT but the board and jacket make up for it...

Have a great day,


Catra said...

Hey Ju-
Yes, the b-day run will start Friday . Wish you could be here for it. But hey we have three months to hang out!

Dude , I'm so not into the whole phatt look for myself. it looks super sexy on the dudes!
Hey mine are pretty damn phatt for me.

Catra said...

Hey Bob-
hey are too phatt just not super phatt.
I like the way they look. They were 395 bucks. Thank god I have a pro deal with Patagucci aka Patagonia.
Snow boarding gear is expensive.
Hey I might change how long I run you gave me an idea. I look 29 so stop at the hour mark on how old I look..LOL...
Nahh , I will be out for 42 hours. Let's pray for good weather this year last year it sucked. I only ran 102 miles i twisted my ankle at mile 40 so I wasn't going to stay out for 41 hours so bailed 35 hours into it.