Saturday, December 02, 2006

I learned something new today from my friend Jerry. If you squeezed a cattail and moved your hand up and down it explodes and fur comes out.
I had a blast doing this. I was like a little kid.
Now everytime I run out on the Alameda creek trail in Coyote hills. I will stop to play with the cattails.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah... that just sounds dirty. But it looks like you're having a good time. Love the big smile!


Catra said...

I know I was trying to write without sounding sexual.

I was having fun trust me. It was so cool how they just explode open.


squirrel_nutz said...

Don't try that on real cat.

I'm glad you are well.

See ya around.

ReneeMc said...

Okay, who knew? Certainly not me!

Glad you got the all clear on the bladder. You were right, you're fine!

Shari Baby said...

umm...if you rub your hand up and down something stiff like that, it WILL explode! haven't you figured that out yet ;)ha ha ha...oh man, you are easy to tease....keep doing it. I know the cattails enjoy it :)