Friday, December 01, 2006

Back to the doctors. I had my catscan of my bladder Monday. FINALLY!!! I know I've been dealing with these infections forever. Today I go for a scope of my bladder. It doesn't sound fun. He will go inside and check the bladder out and make sure I don't have a stone bouncing around inside. If everything checks out good. I will just have to take an antibiotic pill before each hundred.
Hey if that's what I have to do I'm fine with it. It sucks having to worry each time I run a hundred if I will get the pain and start peeing blood. It really is no fun.
I hope everything is fine and I can finally run 100 miles without thinking and worrying about getting an infection.
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Feminist Runner said...

First of all, if you can run all those 100s a little bladder scope ain't gonna hurt ya!
And I hope it's an all-clear; at least there's a solution to the problem.

Anonymous said...

Take care .....
you should be OK for our journey!!!!!!

olga said...

Glad you're finally taking serious look into it, girl! I only hope you'd follow it through to the end and do whatever doctors will say - I mean, test and treatment, not stop running:) Just imagine how much better you'd run without all the pain and extra stops!

squirrel_nutz said...

Hope all goes well Catra.

Hey I just noticed in that picture that you actually have a left eye, never seen it before. ;-)

Well I run my first-ever trail event tomorrow, the Woodside 11K, thanks for the inspiration. I plan to be trained and ready for Ultras by late Spring.

See ya around.

Anonymous said...

take care of yourself.
listen to your body.
it is ok to rest.

runrgrrl7 said...

I had to get my bloodwork done yesterday. The routine check up. I never have any health problems. My insurance was calling all the time for me to have the annual physical. I don't like the interruptios but it is good to know that everything is working well. I guess our body is like a car, it needs some tune up once in a while so that it'll run better!
Don't worry everything will be fine.


Shari Baby said...

Awww...your gunna be great. Besides, you have all those tattoos, a little bladder scope is nothing! Good luck :)

Catra said...

Hey Renee-
I'm fine. Just all my running and not drinking enough! I antibiotic before each 100 will do the trick ;)

Catra said...

Hey Olga-
I'm fine. I just half to take an antibonic pill before each 100.
No more pain woo hoo.

Catra said...

I'm fine!
I will be running you into the ground so you better start training more! LOL..

Catra said...

Hey SN-

I'm so happy for you! Sarah and Wendell are great race directors. Tell them I said hi!
Let me know how it goes.
Hey I am really happy to know that I inspired you. Soon we must run together.

Catra said...

hey anonymous- I will and I'm fine. woo hoo.

Catra said...

Hey Thanks Ofie-
I'm fine! Just 1 pill before each hundred and I should be fine!

I want you to know when you do decide to run your first 100 mile race, I want to be there. I also want you to know I will sign up and run the whole thing with you if you want.
Tell Scott I said hi.

Catra said...

Hey Shari-
Your right it was fine. Just seemed weird having a camera up inside me. It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it lasted less than 1 min.
Have fun at CIM!

GuruParkash said...

Catra I hope all is well! I am on forced rest because I had to be macho & lift some heavy stuff & messed my back up. But I am getting better & hope to be running again soon. I guess getting in the stirrups for the scope is a little more traumatic for us guys, different plumbing, but it is good to know what’s going on in there so you don't have to worry about it.. and can take counter measures, I have read on about similar issues & sometimes its just bladder irritation & friction. Any way I hope all is well. Reading your adventures keeps me primed for my own..

Jonathan Gunderson said...

Take care, Catra. Those infections can be a pain in the butt. And I'm sure you know, things that are small can be the most annoying during a 100. It was great meeting you at the Quad Dipsea! Let me know about Montrail.

Anonymous said...

Catra have you tried those cranberry pills (they are like a super concentrated form of cranberry juice) a few days before you run a 100? Maybe bathing your bladder in cranberry juice will help ward off infection when you do an ultra.
Just a thought :)
Best wishes to you!

Catra said...

Hey Guru-

I hope your injury heals quick.
Yeah a lot of the bladder thing is friction but mine happens a lot more than it should.
My bladder is fine no stones or cancer or anything weird.
So just 1 pill before each hundred.
This really is my last resort as all of you know or most. I work in nutrition and have been going the natural route since 2002 when I started getting them.
Trust me I have tried it all. I never know when it will hit.
I still take cranberry suppliments every day and drink 2oz of the pure stuff each day.

I'm just happy I don't have to stop running 100 miles. It is very painful when they occur my pacers are always in shock how much pain I'm in but I still manage to keep moving.

I'm happy I don't have to worry anymore.