Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ready or not here I come AC 100

Ok I've been busy running around crewed at TRT 100 and crewed and paced at BW135
These are just some photos of some recent training runs.
Please send me positive thoughts as I get ready to run my 109th race of 100 miles or more.
I've been super busy training and now back to racing looking forward to finishing Angekes crest for my 8th time.
Thanks to all of you who follow and support me.
Love you all


notthatlucas said...

Such great pictures! And never a dull moment with you. Have a blast at AC100 - it's great to see you getting to race after all that helping out.

mindful mule said...

Have a great run! Stay cool! I'll try to drop by the finish to say hi. jonah

VintageGltrGrl said...

Go girl!!!! We were actually talking about how awesome and inspiring you are at dinner in little old Fayetteville, North Carolina last night! You rock!!!