Wednesday, December 12, 2012

OMG it's that time again! Birthday run!

Tomorrow o will be starting my 48 hour birthday run at 3pm. Getting old is fun! LOL... 48 hours not miles. That's just how I do things in my world.
I am running for a cause, I will be raising money for a little dachshund named Annabelle who is undergoing chemo treatment for a tumor.
You can go to my Facebook page and click on the link. I don't know how yo add it from my phone ;-(


Johann said...

Awesome Catra! All the best and enjoy! I must still plan my 50th Birthday run for next year. Maybe 50 hours for some good cause is a great idea.

Snakebite said...

Happy Birthday, Catra! Have a great one!

Josh said...

Good luck, Catra! Annabelle is lucky to have a friend like you :)