Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I hope everyone gets a chance to spend time with their loved ones on this love day. I will see Andy Thursday so we will celebrate than. I miss my Rocky and still trying to wrap my head around his loss. I found a pet loss support group close by that meets once a moth so I hope to check it out. I think it will help with how I am feeling.

I am running Rocky Road 100 Saturday in memory of Rocky Ridge so please send me positive thoughts and vibes.
Love you all!!!


Jamie said...

Good luck and have fun! Happy Valentines Day!

Bruce Stewart said...

From gothic pale, to pink and bright,
adventurer of both day and night,
she who runs far, but treads light,
nomadic, sun baked tattooed steel,
of life an nature you've chosin love,
demons chase but cannot keep up,
deep dense impediments, treks, trudges, the like,
valleys down below, rocky ridges ascend on high,
when your journey finds you wisdom,
this wisdom as gift you give,
an through the wind your message finds us,
your alive, so live,

Your blog is one of the things that motivates me from time to time. It's taken me long to find direction, so I admire those who have it. Thank you. Sorry for your loss, Godspeed.

Bruce Stewart

Imiike said...

Oh that is a wonderful idea with the Rocky Road run in memory of Rocky.
Maybe I will do something like this myself. A special run in memory of my Binna, who passed away on Monday evening.
Maybe on one of her favorite trails (although that would be in the city, with all the good scents:D).

I miss her so much and it hurts and all her toys are still around in the house.
Good you found a pet loss support group.
We don't have that around here, but petloss.com had a nice webpage and chat.
And friends help, too.
I really feel with you.

Now Rocky will be with you all the time, and on all your runs.
I believe that.

Catra said...

I am sure it is hard for you but Binna is no longer suffering. I know how you feel and to watch our pets take their last breath and slip away in peace. I sleep with Rocky's stuffed duck and am keeping all his things. After my runs I go for a walk on the short loop I use to take him on when I was running late. I always take one of his cookies on my run and place it on a Rock or peak so he can come down from heaven when he is hundry. My BF has a bowl of food and water at his house for Rocky. I also have his sleeping bag on the floor where he use to sleep when I was at work. I have come home to an indentation a few times like as if he had been sleeping there. The first few days for me were the most painful but each passing day I think of him and I smile, because that's how it was with us. W loved each other so much we always smiles. Please remember the happy times and keep all the memories around you to help you heal.
Thinking of you. Yay Rocky has another friend in heaven named Binna to play with.

Imiike said...

Thank you Catra for your thoughts.
I'm telling myself that Binna had a good life, I knew her from even before she was born until she took her last breath.
Now it feels like a part of me has gone. But I guess that's just the first time, and I will try and fill this gap with all the good memories of her.
I even thought I'd pick all those funny pics of the two of us (and there is a lot, we had a lot of fun taking pictures of ourselves), so I'll remember the good times.
I can't believe Rocky had a stuffed duck, too :)!
Binna had one too, and that duck is still lying in my bed, although the good "Binna smell" has started to fade.
I'm thinking of you, and hope you are okay.
I love the thought of Rocky and Binna playing together, being out on long runs (they were quite fit, weren't they), sharing their toys, and having a good time together.