Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The race started out wet and cold but mother nature was nice, she decided that she would not let loose with the winter storm that was expected that day. She decided to be nice and give us good running weather.

It did rain for a few hours at the start but it was not bad. I started my run off trying to keep tattoo Joe in my site. I was able to keep him in view for the first 15 miles but he than slipped away. I decided to run with my good friend Linda McFadden since we were both a bit tired we knew we could motivate each other. God knows we have logged hundreds & hundreds of mile together over the years. She is also my crew Captain this year for Badwater.
We enjoyed chatting about the past, present & future to pass the time.
I enjoyed being able to see everyone so often. The course was hilly than was on web-site it said 8000ft of climb but was 12000ft ;-) I thought I could run it under 23 hours but realized I was slower.
Andy was really hammering this run I could not believe how well he was running. He kinda fell apart 40 miles into it , he was not peeing and had a stomach ache. I knew at some point he would catch me and than we could run together.
The course was made up of 7.5 miles out than back for 15 miles each round trip.
That's a lot of out and backs ;-))I did enjoy watching my idol Ben Hien kick some serious ass out there. He finished in 16 hours and change. He took several years off from racing but came back a couple years ago.
A couple years ago at San Diego 100 he ended up in the hospital with kidney failure. He was in the hospital for several days. This was his 100 mile come back since that occurred. He ran strong all day. I was even happy to see he's human and he walks too. He has such a vibrant personality and is so out going. I was happy he won ;-)

I stayed with Linda until Andy caught me at the turn around mile 75 for him mile 60 for me. He was happy to run with me since he was alone all day. Linda kept going and slowly pull away.
I was excited to reach mile 75 because my pacer Carmella would start with me. We reached the start / finish area mile 90 for Andy 75 for me and took off with Carmella we would only be with Andy for 5 miles than he would turn around alone the last 5.
I was feeling good wearing my Hokas although I am not really trained to run flat my legs were getting slow ;-),
I was fine with that. I was not eating and was having some stomach issues and I know I didn't drink enough but oh well. It wasn't hot so that was ok.
Carmella and I just chatted away, she is awesome and is on my crew for Badwater, it was the first time I had met her in person.
I felt bad because I slowed down so much.
When I reached mile 90 I was so happy, Carmella stopped to check on our friend Molly who was having issues. I came in to the start/finish area and checked in and out, I didn't stop I took off like a rocket for the next 3 miles than I fizzled out. Carmella finally caught me and we continued on to the turn around the last 5 miles to the turn around seemed long.
We made it, now only 5 to go. I shuffled along and stayed positive I knew I had this one in the bag.
I was happy to see that finish.
I want to thank Charlie and Rob and all the volunteers for putting this race on. Also thanks to Carmella for pacing me and all my friends who sent me positive vibes.
I believe this was the 75th time I have run 100 miles gotta go back and check for sure.
I finished 4th female in 25:22.


Rant said...

Thanks for the reply and nice work finishing the race.


Congrats, very inspiring.
Enjoy the rest and recovery, well earned for sure :]

Kacie Darden said...

Great report. Thanks so much for posting it! I enjoy reading your adventures! 75 is fantastic!!!!

Carilyn said...

Hi Catra!

Great report! I ran the 50 miler and you looked so relaxed and in control every time I saw you. I'm really glad you posted the true elevation 'cause it sure felt like more than 4000 (for the 50) to me!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Catra. Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Whatever you are doing is working. Keep it up.

Jeannie said...

Congratulations Catra. Awesome finish!

Bridget said...

Fantastic!! I was thinking about you and this awesome accomplishment. Keep up the good work!