Friday, November 05, 2010

I think Rocky is the most amazing dog; he gives me unconditional love. For me he is the role model for being alive.
wow another gorgeous day to run. I decided to take Rocky on a 6 mile Mission Peak run. I am trying to take him on 2 longer runs a week from 6-10 miles. He really enjoys being on the trail.
When he was younger it wasn't the case. But he has the confidence since he has gotten older and knows what he is capable of, just like a person.
I know he brings joy to people who meet us on the trail. I see them struggling then we pass by and they are amazed, such a small dog can move up hill so well.
I think it inspires them ;-)
Tomorrow I will be out and about with Julia on a 33 mile run it will be a blast since we haven't run together in a while. Looking forward to it.
Ok off to work enjoy your weekend people!


Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Awesome costumes! Rocky is so cute as a weener dog! Do his feet ever get sore on trails? I had a friend with a dog whose feet got torn up by the rocks, but maybe he needed to work up to the distance (just like us).


Missy said...

I love that first picture of you two running together. He looks like a young pup! :)

mtnrunner2 said...

Rocky makes me smile just from pictures, let alone seeing him on trail. I'm sure he's happy to be doing whatever you're doing.

Love the bun and mustard. lol

slowrunner said...

what a great little dog. i remember running with a buddy a few years ago who had a big rottweiller named 'trixie'. she was lovely but overheated really quick. i fixed that by literally dragging her into a pond with me! love it!

Mike said...

Rocky looks like one happy dog!

Catra said...

He use to have issues with his feet a long time ago. The only thing that has changed in the last 2 years is I take him running 2-3 miles every day and longer a couple days a week. I think as he has gotten older and all the running on the road during the week they have gotten tough. I guess like barefoot running ;-)

Catra said...

Thanks everyone Rocky is a fun little guy. I often wish he could talk but then again I might not like what he would say to me. Like don't stick a hot dog costume on me ;-)

Jay said...

Holy crap, Catra is sitting on a chair! Now I've seen everything!