Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SET MY EYES ON THE PRIZE..........And along the way I got my mojo back..............
Ran Javelina Jundred this past weekend. I was excited to be back and was going to wear a costume for the first time. It is always held around Halloween and they encourage the runners to wear costumes. It's sort of a Halloween party with a hundred mile race thrown in.
I saw the award for best female prize and really wanted it all I had to do is #1 wear a costume #2 remain in the costume the whole 100 mile race and #3 finish the hundred miler.
I did all 3 and won the prize.
I went into the race lacking the confidence I once had since the last 3 hundreds went bad. Western states I got pulled mile 85 due to medical issues.
Had been having on going hamstring issues which limited my range of motion at AC 100 along with bladder infection early on. Made it to mile 75 and dropped because I could no longer lift my right leg.
Rio del lago 100 still having issues but figured I could gut it out. Wrong my head wasn't in the game ,either was my body, it failed me with a bladder infection and me starting my menstrual cycle and slight hamstring issue. So I was out at mile 80.

During this time I had met John Vigil who is a Chiropractor that is licensed in Fascial stretch therapy. He turned me on to this and he worked on me. The first time I noticed a huge difference. He is in Vegas so I had to find someone where I lived to do the work on me. There are only 6 licensed in Cali. and lucky for me Dr. Colle Hunt is close so I went to him for two sessions. Since then I have not had any pain what so ever on my right hamstring. I had been living with a dull pain off and on for two years. Now I have zero pain.

I had John work on me while I was in Vegas a few weeks ago after running a Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon. I have had only 4 sessions so far and it has cured any issues that I once had. I go to Dr. Hunt next week for my 5th session.
I was just a little nervous going into the race wondering if I should give up running 100 mile races since I have always said when its no longer fun I will quit doing them.
I must say I had a good run felt good most of the way. I decided not to push hard and just finish.
I love the course since it's 15 mile washing machine style loops. You get to see the runners and encourage each other.

I got my awesome pacer Shayna at mile 70 and she kept me going the whole way.
I felt strong and was having fun.
I thought it would take me 26 1/2 hours and to my surprise I PR'd the course, I ran 25:39. I was super happy to have found my lost Mojo out on the course in the desert.
I want to thank the RD's Jamil & Nick for putting on a very well organized event. Also thanks to all the volunteers for being so awesome. And thanks to Justin for letting Andy and I crash and your pad and all my friends for helping get me in and out of the aid stations and my awesome pacer Shayna.
Be thankful for having a healthy mind and body. I know I am.

This was my 5th hundred mile finish for the year and it was the 72nd time I have run 100 miles .


San said...

Congratulations and awesome outfit. You are such an inspiration to me

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Very cool. So glad you got your mojo back, and a PR too! And best of all, it was fun again! Congrats!


Rob said...

Congrats on the Win/PR and such a strong finish! I've got a friend I'm gonna recommend that therapy to who has on and off similar issues.

Great costume! Happy Halloween!

Kim said...

Congrats Catra and I'm so happy for you. Glad to see your hamstring issues seem to be over with and your'e back in the game. BTW: LOVE the costume!

Kathrin said...

Congrats! Nice to see you found your mojo! Great costume!

Matthew Ruscigno said...

Congrats Catra! I feel the same way about no longer doing it when it stops being fun, but we have to recognize the ups and downs over the years, right? And 72 hundred milers? That is fucking outstanding. Thanks for always posting your stories and photos.

Johann said...

Well done! That is a super run! 72 hundreds...amazing! I need to do this race.

Pgregory said...

Congratulations and job well done.

Mike said...

Glad to hear you got your mojo back, #72 on the 100 milers. Wow!

Olga said...

Congrats to you and Andy on a perfect run!

RP said...

You go girl! I want to be like you!! Congratz!

Anonymous said...

you had an awesome "costume"
glad we got some trail pics of you and andy
it was good to see you 2 again
and we are happy you got your mojo back

lori n rick

Unknown said...

Congrats Catra! Awesome job. Also thanks for keeping your log, it is very motivating. I am going to change from road running to trail running also. Wish me luck, I have a lot to learn yet. I recently moved to the great white north and I am planning to run even in -40 degrees. I'll be thinking about you...

Unknown said...

Congrats!! Awesome job.
Thanks for keeping your log, it's a big motivation for me to also change from road running to trail running. I have a lot to learn yet, wish me luck!
I recently moved to the great white north and I am planning to run outside during the winter, it gets to -40 degrees though. We'll see...I'll be thinking about you plowing my way through the snow:))

Matt said...

Catra, I'm so glad things went well for you again, you deserve it! You bring so much joy to other people's lives (and their running!) Happy Halloween to you and all fellow readers, Matt

R Carter said...


Your site is fabulous! Reading about your adventures is a lot of fun.

I'm scoping out Coyote Two Moon for the spring, and see on their site that you've run it at least once. I'm thinking about it for this coming spring.

Would you do this one again? Is there anything I should keep top of mind as I train this winter?

Keep up the great work!