Sunday, September 19, 2010

SLOW DOWN..............................

Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going to fast-you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.

That's what I was doing when I was running Thursday and came across this baby calf who I rescued, her mother died within hours after giving birth to her. She has a name and it's Liberty, I made a difference. I could not get a hold of the rangers out of Sunol so I called my wonderful friend ranger Neil, who is on sick leave.

If he did not answer I was going to carry Liberty down off the peak and to my house until I was able to get a hold of someone.

Neil answered and called the rancher Jim who didn't answer but Neil left a message. He told me to leave she would be fine, and she would stay near her Mom.

When I got to the road Neil called and said Jim called and was on his way.

I was happy since two weeks before I found a dead mama with a baby half way out they didn't make it. My little Liberty would be fine.

I headed to work and after work went to the Ohlone college farm area and saw baby Liberty just fine in a pen.

Virgina, Jims wife and also owner of the cows and Bulls on Mission peak and the surrounding area emailed me to thank me. We wanted to meet each other so I headed over in the morning with Rocky. They were very grateful. It made me feel good. I have known Jim for several years he always sees me running around but I had never met Virginia. These people have 450 cattle out there and really truly care about all of them.
I'm just happy I was there to save that little one ;-)
Rocky seems to be on a roll these days he did back to back long runs 7 miles up Mission peak Saturday and 8 miles on road & trail Sunday.
I may be running a 5k with him Saturday if they allow dogs, emailed the RD just waiting to hear back.
I'm now in training mode for the Rim to Rim to Rim run in the Grand canyon next month. I am also planning on running Javelina hundred next month.

I went for a physical yesterday, I go back in two weeks to go over my blood work.
I have my first appointment with my fascial stretch therapist today. Looking forward to that.
My hamstring seems to be fine. I am thinking with fascial stretch I will be better then ever
Ok it's time to finish getting ready for work, I have a new group of Get fit students to train today, it's the first day of the new class woo hoo.......


Mike said...

I like the story of the baby calf. Nice B&W photo in the cemetery.

Catra said...

Thanks Runner ;-)

San said...

Whoa, you saved a life. Very inspiring and good luck for Liberty.

You definitely make a difference.

Love your blog.


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

It's wonderful that you were there to help the calf. Slowing down to look really made a difference.

I'm glad that Rocky's doing so well now. He looks like he's having fun! Best wishes.


thants a cool thing your did:]
Hey Rocky's got kind of short legs, so he must have a ripid leg turnover!
You should run this race
But I guess it's kind of a long way to come, just for a 10k.
My dog Tess will be running:]

Gary said...

Catra; When are you going to the GC?
- I did 4 crossings in 4 days last "weekend" and plan to go back 10-11 Oct for a 2-day R-R-R, starting from the North Rim.
Gary <> <>

Catra said...

Gary we will be running a R2R2R starting Oct. 9th we will be back in Vegas on the 11 ;-)
Have fun to bad we will miss each other.

Catra said...

Thanks everyone I was just doing what I would like to think most of us would do ;-)