Monday, July 14, 2008

Read Saturdays epic below...............................................................................
Sundays run searching for Bigfoot. Day #2

We never found him :)
After our ordeal on Saturday we thought nothing could ever be as bad weather wise. After we finished on Saturday in Tuolumne I ran into my friend and badass climber Lucho I have known him for 6 years we see each other at least once a year. He saw me in Tuolumne last year during the PCT. This year after my epic. He was like 19 I think when I met him. I must admit he has turned into a really cute guy.
He knows all about epics he's a climber. It was nice seeing him.
We ran into another guy I met in 2004 on Muir pass during my JMT Yo Yo speed record such a small world.
We left Tuolumne and headed to Sonora. Mike thought it was best we stayed in a motel after the days events. I wanted to camp at the pass trailhead. But I was fine sleeping in a bed.
We ended up in this super old Motel it was a trip everything was from like the 30's I think.
We all slept well.
We drove the hour up to the pass trailhead and started our run. Along the way we say a group of trail workers. I told them about our ordeal yesterday they said it wasn't as bad there. They did an amazing job on this section. I have been through there a few times and the trail was so narrow before. Really dangerous just ask any PCT hiker carrying a heavy pack. Now it's so safe ;)
I noticed the clouds coming in but knew we would make it to the top before it hit. We were on top by 2pm. You couldn't tell how bad the clouds were until you hit the summit. From there you could see dark clouds. We took pictures and headed down.
I saw a guy heading up and thought he's going to get stuck in the storm. Mike stopped and told him a storm was coming he didn't seem bothered by it.
I told Mike that there are many ways to just go straight down to get safely off the trail.
I knew of some PCTers last year that just had to go straight down the gully there. By doing that you're down in half the time. But you need to be careful
We saw the trail workers and they said they would head down as soon as the rain started.
We started hearing thunder on the way down.
We made it safely. As we left the rain and lightening started. We were safe and happy. We did see the hiker coming down he did go down the gully to get down fast.
We headed to Kennedy Meadows for a bite to eat and watch the storm.
That's the end of my exciting weekend.
Hope you all had fun;)


Rob said...

What awesome pics! Sounds like a great adventure as usual!

CoyoteGirl said...

Kennedy Meadows! I've done some backcountry hiking/camping out there in the wilderness area. Really beautiful. Lotsa smart bears.

Glad you had such a good, albeit epic time up there in the high country. I'm living vicariously through you at the moment. : )