Saturday, April 26, 2008

TO HEAL THE BODY, FIRST HEAL THE MIND.Today is for observation. Where does your mind wander naturally-into fear or fantasy, humor or stress?? Follow your mind, and observe where it goes to feed itself. Do you like what you see??
Todays plan run 36 miles. Julia and Jerry joined for 18 miles of my run, they headed back to Fremont, and I planned to run a loop. It was very hot today. I left them at a water stop. I filled my bottle but forgot to fill my pack. Big mistake. I ended up climbing a ton so i ran out of water. I ended up running 3 miles with no water and it sucked. i did a 7 mile loop in Sunol than headed back the Visitors center to get water. I could of got water at Backpackers camp, but didn't want to climb up the hill. I ended up drinking 5 bottles when I got back. I filled my pack and headed back the 10 miles to Fremont. I was really worked but still moving.
I ran into Mylinh & Joe on my climb out. It was nice to see some friendly faces. I managed the climb up the Peak the last time passing 7 hikers.
The long down hill to Fremont was killing my tired legs. I'm happy I managed to stay out as long as I did. I ended up running 35 miles, it took 10:15 I stopped alot and chatted with people. I took a 10 min. break and had to lie down on a bench were there was a cool breeze blowing. it was a beautiful hot day.
I always manage to have fun even when I'm dehydrated ;)
Getting close to water..WOO HOO


Lansen said...

Dang - that's a big day. You're my hero. Keep smilin'!


Judi said...

Cool green shoes!!! You are such an inspiration. I will think of you next week when I am running my 26.2 in Cinti!

JeffO said...

Nice run, but too bad about the water. I do that too - forget my list of chores. I'm going to start doing races with paper&pencil!
As for laying down on the bench, some of the most blissful little cat-naps are during hikes and training runs. It seems to only happen when alone.
Nice photos, Catra!

Ewa said...

Hi Catra, I saw you running down from Mission Peak this Saturday as I was hiking up with my family but before I could tell my son: "hey, look this is this lady I've been telling you about!" you were gone. I guess you are just way too fast. :)
You've been quite an inspiration to me. Love your attitude and your joy for life. Maybe I'll be more like you when I grow up and it is time I did, I am 50.
Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Catra said...

Thanks lansenm-
I was out again in the heat running 25. Now I feel ready for Ohlone 100 miler in a few weeks.

Catra said...

Hey Judi-
Ilove those new Brooks Cascadia trailshoes they rock.
Hey good luck next and have fun. I will send you positive energy.

Catra said...

Hey Jeffo- it was my fault.
I was out for a 25 miler today and found a nice rock on the top of Mission peak to lie down on.. It was wonderful.
Have a great day.

Catra said...

ewa I wish you would of stopped me. Next time. I was dying maybe that's why I was flying just wanted some food and cold drinks ;)
I hope you all enjoyed your hike.
Thanks so much for the compliment that is very sweet.