Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I can still run :) Even after running 42 hours this past weekend. I ran yesterday 5.
Today I used my Garmin GPS that I got for my b-day from my friend Ben. I ran my 6 mile run along the Alameda creek/ Quarry lakes trail. What I thought was 6 miles was really 7... I'm horrible at figuring how far I go. I always think I run shorter than what I do. Now I know for sure.
It was a nice surprise to know that all this time the 6 mile run is really 7 and I'm not as slow as I think I am. Posted by Picasa


Debbie said...

I had just the opposite. I thought I was fast, then used a GPS... Cant wait to read the story of your run. Are you gonna post it at birthdaychallenge.com? Did you follow Steves challenge?

Catra said...

Hi Deb-

I'll post it here and I'm sure Steve will have a link or he will post on his site. No I haven't read Steves B-day challenge I'll check it out.

John Henry said...

Have you given thought to using your GPS data to post to the Internet, something like http://www.routeslip.com/map.php?map=16442 ?

Catra said...

Hi john-

I just got the gps thing. Need to learn how to use it!
I just bought a new vehicle too today. I have to figure that out too :)