Thursday, March 30, 2006

How i've changed. This picture was taken 10 years ago. Goth girl! Now i'm ultra runner girl. Posted by Picasa


Miki said...

ha! me too Catra. I left around 10 years ago myself. Does The Underground, Twilight Zone, Winter Gone By, Drug 6, The Trocodero, and Death Guild sound familiar. Some still around, some long gone. I haven't been in years. I used to crave the scene even after I left from time to time but would get bored after about an hour. Still love the look though. I don't miss the lifestyle, but I do miss the visuals.

Catra said...

Hi Miki-

I bet we saw each other at the clubs back in the day. hey good job on your b-day run. lets get together when I get back from Umstead 100 mile race. I race this weekend. Send me an email to my email addy. I don't have your email.

Judi said...

If you lived in SF 10 years ago, I bet we hung out at the same places.