Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Your true
nature is neither good nor
bad. It is not found in
enlightenment or lost in
delusion. It is the
spotless beauty
of all creation. Who then
is self you are
accepting or not

I put pictures of me like this because all my life I hated the way I looked. I do this to help heal me. I do this because I must love who I am and how I look. I have many flaws but must overcome them and love all of me. It has taken almost 42 years to love me so why not be proud of who I am and how I look.. Posted by Picasa


Whitney said...

Mom and I think you have an amazing body lol we're rather very jealous of you! I understand what you're saying though ;)

even though people say great things about you, you have to change your state of mind...and it isn't an easy thing!

Oh and Mom wants to know what you eat? All she really wants to know is one day though..not the whole week ;)

Much Love!

Anonymous said...

Cute pic
impossible, in fact, you are 32 years....
no 42!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a cool running outfit!

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Ok! Ok! You had us with the 42 hour run.

great pic!

Shari Baby said...

I love what you had to say about self acceptance...it's true...love yourself. You look great and you get that body to do incredible things too....:) Happy belated birthday by the way...

Bob Gentile said...

hmm let me see... umm can u turn around please ....(((visualizing)))

OK thanks You look fantastic :-)


Catra said...

Hey Whitney-
Thanks for the comments. You are such a wise girl for your age. it's a good thing.

Tell Mom. I'm a vegan and I eat alot of fruits & vegs.
Yesterday I ate a vegan organic bar before I ran. Smoothie after with OJ hemp protien powder, almond butter and mixed berries.
2 apples, 1 grapefruit.
Dinner; Salad mixed greens with black beans , brown rice , salsa, avocado and 3 corn tortillas.
I usually eat more fruit. I also drink tons of water. I also have a couple cups of Yerba Mate tea.

Much love to you sister!

Catra said...

Ahh Ju you're the best!

Catra said...

hey anon-
Thanks ;)

Catra said...

Hey Rob-

Catra said...

Hi Shari-
Thanks! Hey my b-day is not until Sunday. So you didn't miss it.
I think I'm going out Saturday night to this Goth club in San Jose Saturday night and at midnight I will turn 42..Just like old times go out dancing at a Goth club for my b-day...Gosh I haven't done that in years.

Catra said...


You're bad! Hey but you're a guy ;) and I know how you all think!

olga said...

I think many of us battle same problems...I still can't take pictures like that:) May be because I don't look nearely as good as you do!

JeffO said...

Ditto with Bob.

And Olga doesn't need to look like you. There's more than one way to look good. Mom's rule!

Catra said...

You're beautiful just the way you are!

Catra said...

I agree with you!

Shari Baby said...

You should have Randy take you out - then it'll REALLY be like old times. Goth bands, leather pants, just no dope. :) Is the Underground still open ??