Monday, December 04, 2006

"I bet you didn't know I was a snowboarder"
I didn't know I was either! I spent over $ 700 bucks on gear yesterday. I know at least I will look good falling all over the place. That's important , looking good :)
I go all out. I know some of you remember in 2002 I decided I was going to take up rock climbing. Never climbed in a gym, just knew I wanted to climb a route on Half Dome called snake dike.
Shit, I could run 100 miles I think I could climb. (Thanks Leo for trusting me with your life)
Someone believed in me and guess what I did great. I love climbing. I did the same thing bought all the gear.
I figure snowboarding will be no differant. I know I want to do it, and my friend Dominic believes I can do it, and will love it.
So this weekend I will become a snowboarder just like I became a rockclimber and Ultrarunner. Just believe and you can do something and love it!
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squirrel_nutz said...

You'll do fine Catra, and not just because it's relatively easy to learn. I was 30 when I first tried snowboarding in 1994, having never skied. Within 45 minutes I wasn't falling, your leg strength will be key. Once you complete a successful run down a slope, you'll never forget how again, it's a very natural balance.

Good luck, you'll have fun no doubt.

See ya around.

Anonymous said...

yeah good!!!!
but skier is better....
good luck i was a snowboarder during 7 years it's easy !!! ;)
more important you push on your leg of front...
after it's ok....

Debbie said...

Awe-fuckin-some! Hey thanks Catra for the advice. So true. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I know you just had a blog about taking risks, but please please please wear some wrist guards your first time out! Other than that, you'll have a blast.

Shari Baby said...

OMG!! You are a crack up the way you get dressed up and take pics like that. Just like the old days huh ? I seem to remember some video of you running through a graveyard falling down like you were escaping somebody or something like that....silly girl.

Bob Gentile said...

Clothes ON, clothes OFF ... I like this BLOG gonna bookmark it!! LOL

Looks Great Catra and YES I am sure you will ROCK the Snowboard Thing!!


Jamil said...

You will love snowboarding. It is such a rush! My friends and I are heading back to Breckenridge, CO this winter for 5 days on the slopes!

I have been following your running since I saw you at Javelina Jundred, but I didn't get a chance to meet you then! I was pacing Michael Hayden for the last 40 miles of the race. I'm looking forward to Across the Years 24 hour the end of the month, Zane Grey 50 in April and then my first hundred sometime this summer or fall. (I missed the WS lottery but I am thinking about Angeles Crest) Any suggestions? Thanks and I love reading about the adventures! I need to get out more and just do em!

Ultra Okie said...

you will no doubt kick ass on the snowboard. i love the way you approach everything in your life. you are da bomb girl.


Catra said...

Hey Thanks SN, I'm looking forward to trying something new.

Catra said...

Hey Deb-

Catra said...

Shari very few people had the pleasure of knowing me back in the drug days and know me as Catrarunner. You got to see how I changed you knew me when I was a speed freak.
I still have all those videos. I use to have fun than doing crazy stuff. I still have fun doing crazy stuff now just in a more positive way.

Squirrel said...

Catra your going to dig the snow. Later in the season after a a few days under your belt come ride at kirkwood and I'll show you around. We talked at the Quad. Slay it baby!
George "Squirrel"