Wednesday, December 06, 2006

you can look.....and
you will find it. You
can not look.... and you
will find it. That
which is yours will
surely come to you.

Have a great day friends.
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Bob Gentile said...

CATRA WROTE:Hey Bob-I'm a vegan and eat a 80% raw food diet.I try not to eat very much cooked foods.I've been a vegan for 13 years.
Good Morning Catra, Thanks for FOOD Insight ... ahhhh Vegan power! huh... I heard Scott Jurek has been a Vegan for years also...

Can I be a Vegan that Eats FISH--LOL I NEEEEED my FISH, I LOVE FISH!!!! All that other crap I eat I can do without...

I have been reading more and more about RAW foods too... going to look into it more.

Thanks, Bob

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra...

Ultra Okie said...

Hi Catra, great pic. Sarah and I are off to Vegas tomorrow morning. Looking forward to getting away and running. There is a group of my running friends that will be there to run the marathon and also get tattooed. I am still thinking about the getting the mother road 100 logo tatooed on my leg somewhere. since I gave up to booze, I guess I will have to make a sober decision, and not a drunken one that i might regret later!!! ha!

I am looking at a race in April up in Illinois. It is the McNaugton (sp)Park 150. First year for the 150 mile race. Have you ever been there to do the 100? Any interest in doing the 150? I am also going to submit an entry to badwater. I figure my chances of getting in are about an ice cubes chance in.....Death Valley, in the afternoon.

Have fun snowboarding. I have always wanted to either snow ski or snow board. Never done either one.


Ben, aka BadBen said...

I loved the snowboarding and top o' the mountain photo. 'Been slipping on ice on my runs here, lately. Right after a cool, 9-degree run tonight, a buddy from SF called me on his way to a concert. It got me to thinking...I hadn't checked Catra's blog in a while. You always put me in a good mood. Keep doing what you do.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben

Anonymous said...

catra, you are such an awesome inspiration and a beautiful girl.

With all the "body armour" though, methinks the real world cant take you seriously

Catra said...

Hi Bob-
Silly no fish if you're vegan.

Catra said...

Hi Steve-
Hope you're having fun in Vegas.

Hey I'm running the 150 miler! You should do it!
Badwater, I hope you get in ;)

I will run it someday when I have time!

Catra said...

Hi Ben-
I didn't really get to snow board a big storm came in. I will go back in two weeks.
At least the runs will all be open. They didn't have hardly any snow until today.

Catra said...

Hi Anonymous-

Thanks for the compliment.

Yes, I have tattoos & peircings I love the way I look and it's what I want to do.
Ask anyone who knows me and they know just how passinate and serious about life i am and what I do.

Those who have issues with the way I look need to look inside themselves. Means they have a problem not me.

Hey have any awesome night.

I'm just being me and I love who I am.