Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008 was great but 2009 I will have a wonderful time!!!
I was happy with my goals this past year I ran 4,324 miles. I ran 20 ultras. I ran 10 100 mile races. I felt I become much stronger with my crossfit workouts. I trained hard but I did not over train.

I plan on once again running at least 10 100 mile trail races. Hopefully run a 72 hour run at least 1 24 hour run and 20 other ultras.
One of my main goals is to get back out on the PCT and finish where I left off in Sisters Oregon and finish that last 700 miles. I will head out with Crazy Chris in July. We plan on going fast and light. I wanna see that last section. Hopefully 2010 or 11 I will be able to go for the womans record again. But for now I will settle on being a PCT hiker for a little bit again.
I have a few other plans in my head but will keep them to myself for now.
I wish everyone the best year yet in 09.

WOD 1/4/2009

Complete the following for time:

21/15/9 reps then Run 800m then 9/15/21 reps of
  • Front squat
  • Push jerk
  • I did it with 35# time:15.15


trigirl82 said...

Wow! You're amazing! Congrats on all of your accomplishments, and good luck with those ahead! :-)

Nick said...

Crossfit has taken my endurance and mental toughness to a whole new level.
I am now running 5-10+ mile runs with ease. Running up hills are nothing.
I can't wait to see how thngs turn out in 5-6 months from now.

4,324 miles???? You are awesome.

mrjwhit~ said...

Your mileage is simply stunning. Congrats on such a positive 2008. Here's to an excellent 2009.

Stuart said...

wow 2008 was a massive year! Here's to an "ultra" massive 2009...was that too cheesy? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Catra - you are an inspiration and a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for life. See you out on the trails. ~~Granny

Daria said...

You had such an AWESOME year! what an inspiration! way to go! you and Carl are ADORABLE! I am excited to see what the new year brings to both of you :)!

Snakebite said...

Catra's resolution for 2009 - Have a wonderful time.

I like it!

Judi said...

happy 2009 catra!