Thursday, January 22, 2009


Prosperity is not in what you have attained, but rather in what you give away...for it is only when you become empty that you can be filled with something greater.
This is a picture of Evan from Alaska he ran his first 100 mile race at HURT in under 29 hours. Keep an eye on him cause he's fast ;) He will be running running Diablo 50 miler, and I think he will finish up in the top 5 there.
And yes ladies he's single...Looking forward to training with you Evan.
The one thing I learned at HURT was Crossfit has made me stronger and recover faster. The day after HURT, running 80 miles I felt no different then when I run 20 miles on Mission Peak. The only issue was the IT band still sore. I will get a massage today. I will be going for a few weeks to have David Ledesma get this taken care of. I knew going into to HURT it was tight and has a lot of scar tissue. So now I will work on getting it all out.

Ok ,today I finally canceled my 24 hour membership boy that was a nightmare was on the phone an hour. I haven't been there in 2 years. I aslo canceled my earthlink account and a phone line I don't use. That was $65 dollars I was throwing away a month. And trust me I don't have money to throw away.
Feels good to be free of things I don't need. And yeah the extra money can go to race's.

Crossfit WOD

5 rounds- 10 abmat sit-ups-10 push ups- 10 kettlebell swings-10 squats. time: 5:40


Evan said...

You are hilarious!! But if it helps me get a date I am all for it.

Remember that though I might be fast I can still go all day and night long!! jk

daria said...

YOU look beautiful!! hope you are doing well!!! keep up the running! Good girl for canceling your 24 membership! you do NOT need that! haha xoxoox come to OC!

Shannon said...

Doesn't freeing yourself from useless charges feel good? I need to cancel a long distance line on my home phone, thanks for the reminder. :)

Have a Great Weekend......

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra!

Love the Hawaii pics! I plan on meeting up with you for the FatAss tomorrow for a short one........if it's not raining too hard. :)


Steve Stenzel said...

You're runs are CRAZY!! The HURT race and THEN a 80 miler?!?

Good luck finding Evan a play-date!!


mtbjune said...

Speaking of money, after going to my local CF box for a few months I have decided I can't afford the $150/month anymore...need to save everything I can. I'm going to get a punch card from my local rec center and do the posted WOD's there. Do you always go to your area box or just drop in every so often? I'm hoping the transition goes well...

P.S. You look amazing! Congrats on the race :)

Catra said...

I do go to crossfit 5 days a week. If I can't make it I can so a wod at home. Like this week I have been sleeping in so just do a wod at home with what gear I have.

Catra said...

hey sara see you tomorrow. I will be running slow. That will be fun to have you out with us.

CubicleGirl said...

Woot woot for cancelling things! Nothing like a little extra race cash in your pocket. My insurance has dropped now that i'm 25, and that extra 50$ a month adds up!
And seriously... 80 miles? I'm trying to get back up to 10 after a stress fracture... way to make me look like a wimp (kidding...)

ps - if Evan wants to run in Canada, i will be happy to show him some trails... !

Anonymous said...

You may want to try Aundi Mevoli at Inner Sport in Berkeley if you can't get your IT Band cleared up. She is an ART specialist and she is why I can hike Mission Peak!!!