Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Imagine that you are made of light, of spirit. There is nothing you need to do. There is nothing you need to be except what you really are. Remember what you are, and the dream of your Life will have no limits.
Today was rest day at crossfit one world so I decided to do WOD/Run. The weather was foggy and cool. My heart was pumping running up the peak. I was focusing on making it to the fire road turn in less then 30 min. Made it in 24. I was sweating and breathing hard but it felt good to push hard. Most days when running I like to just run and not run hard but today I wanted to work.I decided to run one mile then do a crossfit exercise each mile. The first mile was 50 squats mile 2 was 40 push-ups mile 3 30 walking lunges, mile 4 20 handstand push-ups, and mile 5 was 10 burpees. I learned it sucks to have to stop and do your exercise no mater where you are on the trail. The push ups were in mud, my knees got muddy because when I rested, I rested on my knees.I didnt want to lay in the mud. My lunges were done going down hill that sucked.
I still had fun.

Click on the pic. to see full veiw.
run 1 mile 50 squats
run 1 mile 40 push ups
run 1 mile 30 walking lunges
run 1 mile 20 handstand push ups
run 1 mile 10 burpees
time: 1 hr 14 min.


Kiley said...

Love your style of "rest". Nice pics

mrjwhit~ said...

You are so intense Carta. What a great WOD.

Anonymous said...

Love the photomontage! See you tomorrow. Whoo, hoo....