Monday, October 01, 2007

Fight gone bad..Badass's This is everyone who did the fight gone bad crossfit workout. Crossfit one world raised over $6,000 dollars our goal was $5,000. The money goes for prostate research. I raised $210. Thanks to all who donated for a good cause. I was happy I was able to do the workout I took it easy, but still pushed ,my total was 393. I was surprised I did so well. 93 more points then I thought I could do.

Julia & me looking so fresh after our fight gone bad workout.

As beautiful as ever not a hair out of place ;)

Steve Ramos Julia's husband looking just a little work ed after his first Fight gone Bad. You did awesome Steve!

"Don’t try to weigh things up or make a hasty judgement, the time is not right. Things haven’t yet had time to establish themselves so judging them too soon would be a waste of time and energy. Let things and situations have space and time to evolve. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Problems or obstacles that have been in your way will either resolve or dissolve as time goes by. This would be a great time to do a kindness or a charitable deed for someone less fortunate than you. This will be energetically replaced with a valuable piece of information."


Craig said...

Incredibly left field...I have been home sick, rooting around in blog circles, and ended up here. I really enjoyed the article on you in Trail Runner some time back.

Fight gone bad kicked me hard a few weeks ago. You did VASTLY better than me...


JeffO said...

Wow, Julia is a stunning beauty. Not a bad-looking chickie next to her either.

Hope you guys made your goals and had fun doing it. you look like a fun bunch.

The Mayor said...

You just keep going strong,right on!!
no javelina jundred this year??
Going forr my first 100 there!

Catra said...

Hey Craig-
Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the article
I love crossfit and I love fight gone bad. I always say, you know how unfit you are when you show up to crossfit to work out...;)

Catra said...

Hey Jeffo-
We all had a blast and our crossfit went beyond the goal of $5,000 dollars raised.
The best part was hanging out with everyone and there families after at the party.
P.S Julia is a hottie. The reason my hair always looks so hip and cool is because of her. She's my hair stylist/Best friend :)

Catra said...

Hi Mayor-
Really want to do Javelina but I'm might be having Laser resurfacing on my on my face. Since I'm not planning on going back to work for another 15 days this seems like the best time to do it.
You also have to stay out of the sun too until you heal.

good luck at Javelina

Debbie said...

Good for you Ma'am! -Deb

Catra said...

Hey Girl-
Thanks hope you're doing great.