Thursday, October 18, 2007

My face is looking much better.
My skin is still really dry and flakey and my neck is almost completely healed.It's been a long journey. The recover from the co2 laser resurfacing has been long and slow. I am finally seeing the benifits, and am happy with the results.

Here are a few more lovely images of Mission Peak. I hope you all have an awesome day I'm off to run. Day #4 of the Master cleanse and I'm feeling good still. Almost half way through.

"Don’t try to weigh things up or make a hasty judgement, the time is not right. Things haven’t yet had time to establish themselves so judging them too soon would be a waste of time and energy. Let things and situations have space and time to evolve. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Problems or obstacles that have been in your way will either resolve or dissolve as time goes by. This would be a great time to do a kindness or a charitable deed for someone less fortunate than you. This will be energetically replaced with a valuable piece of information. © Stephen Haynes"


Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,

You could be a poster-girl for laser resurfacing! You should approach the doc who did you and try to cut some kind of a deal!

Must be nice to be back outside again. Mission Peak looks like a great place to go for a run. Doesn't the PCT run close to there?



miki said...

Looking good Catra. Still slightly puffy but much better.
And put Rocky to bed! He looks tired! :)

Mike said...

My name is Mike, I am an ultra runner from NE Ohio. Almost all the NE Ohio ultra runner blogs have links to your blog.

Do you ever run the Castle Rock Trail? In my brief look through your blog, I don't see it mentioned. I'll be in San Jose next week and plan to do a longish run there (Castle Rock) on Sunday. I'm also planning some Mission Peak and Sunol runs during the week.

Thanks for you blog! W/o it I would not know of MP or Sunol.

Best wishes on a speedy recovery from your laser treatments.

- Mike

Anonymous said...

What are the benefits of the Master Cleanse? Do you think it inhibits your body's ability to heal from the procedures you have had? Does the Cleanse affect your immune system at all? Not judging just wondering.

kelly said...

Todays quote on your blog spoke to me today. Thank you, Catra.

Catra said...

Hey Jay-
I wish I could of got a deal on it. Oh, actually I did. But it was still expensive but well worht it. And know I will be better about keeping sunscreen and a hat on. I ran today for 4 hours and I could still feel the sun on my face, it's so sensitive. I really need to be carful.
Jay I wished i lived close to the PCT I would be out there every year helping the hikers :)
The closest section of PCT would be Echo Lakes in Tahoe about a 3 hour drive.
Mission peak is awesome ran Sunol today. I will post pictures.

Catra said...

Hi Miki-
Yes, still a little puffy. I had to look back at the Rocky picture, he sure does look like a tired boy.

Catra said...

Hey Mike-
Nice to hear from you. Oh, I'm happy you will be running Mission/Sunol area email me at if you want company let me know what day during the week and I will let you know my schedule.
I LOVE OHIO ;) Never been there but want to do a race there. I have met quite a few Ohio Ultrarunners and they are all very nice.
I have run at Castle state park a few times. I usually run over there once a year.

Catra said...

Hey Anon-
The master cleanse, cleanses all the toxins in your body. It's not helping me heal from surgery but it removing all the medication that I have been on in the past 4 months.
Cipro, Flagel & vicodine.
Also some other med.s pre & post surgery. Can't remember what. I also was not eating as well as I would like on the PCT. I mean for me. Me eating bad is having salty corn chips and eating frozen sorbet in town along the PCT. Lot's of sugery & salt foods which I realy don't eat at all. I try to stick to a raw diet of veggies, nuts & fruit.
The cleanse make you feel better and you have more energy.
Google Master cleanse & you can learn about all the wonderful benefits.

Catra said...

I'm so glad it spoke to me today too.

GB said...

I'm glad you're healing well and feeling good, Catra!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Area!!!! i remember as it was too cool....snif ;(
very nice place Mission peak !!!!

hao said...

hi catra,

glad to hear things are healing well. these things seem to take some serious patience. :) i do have a question for you. i am doing a race out in virginia in december. i don't know anything about winter running gear. the race starts at midnight and is a 100k. they say to expect snow, temperatures around 20s, wind and of course cold. what would you recommend to wear to stay warm, but not overdressing? any advice is greatly appreciated. :)



Catra said...

sounds like you are doing David Hortons race. Please tell him I said hi.
I would wear a base layer(long sleeve shirt) vest , I have a patagonia fleece R5 series it breaths well and a jacket you could always take the jacket off and tie it around you. I would also wear running pants and of course warm gloves. Buy some of those hand warmers that heat up to put inside. Last but not least a warm hat.
I hope that helps.

Catra said...

Good to hear fom you. I hope your all healed up now. Are you running any races???

Anonymous said...


me too, Yeah my head it's OK i'm very happy ;) i would tell you more in personnal email
i will run in Morocco next november this my last race for 2007 and after no races in 2009 because i make surgery for my feet in April, i will cut my ligaments under my will be better for me...;)
and i will do PCT in 2009 because life is to short...

love ya,