Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's that time again! Master Cleanse time!

I'm on day two of my 10 day cleanse. I felt it was time after being on medication and antibiotics. Having giardia I was on some pretty heavdy duty stuff. Having had surgery I was on a lot of different medication so I'm ready to clean house so to speak. Time to heal and get my health back. Day one yesterday, I had a major headache. It's just a sign the body is going through the healing.

Today I feel a little bit like I did when I had giardia. I'm hoping getting out for a easy run up Mission Peak will help me feel better.

Have a beautiful day & Happy healing.

"New beginnings or the possibilities of a new start are soon to be presented. Use your inner magician to pull together all the components of what soon will be in the offing, as you should now be able to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires. Remember you are only at the beginning, the first stages of development, so the more you are able to accept the more will be given to you. © Stephen Haynes"


Michelle said...

Hi Catra,

I have a question. I am very familier with the master cleanse( I have not done it personally) but I have to ask you..for someone who runs/crossfit the way you do and Im sure your metabolism(I know mine is through the roof with the weight training/trail/ultra running I do)is running on high speed...dont you feel ill from not feeing your body? I am just curious. I have know people who have done it but they are certainly not runners or active...I feel ill if I miss one meal or snack...?? thanks

Jason said...

Sounds like the right time for some rejuvenation. Good luck, and hope you feel like a new you at the end.

Catra said...

Hey Jason-
Thanks. I hope I feel new at the end too!

Catra said...

Hi Michelle-
I don't have a super fast matabolism. Actually in the Summer it speeds up more.
I have done the cleanse many times and I have run up to 40 miles on it. I just listen to my body when I'm on it.
I know many atheletes who have done the cleanse and they said it wasn't that bad.
I do think the first time you do it,it's much harder. Beacause your body has so many toxins. It was that way for me the first time. I usually feel bad on day 3 and 7. Other than that I'm fine.
You really don't have cravings while on it.
If you read up on it it will tell you that all your Vitamins & minerals your getting are from the grade B maple syurp.
I beleive it's good to clean your body each season. When cleaning your body you are actually cleaning your mind as well. Just another benift of this awesome cleanse.

Eudemus said...

Catra, I was actually at Trader Joe's the other night and saw that very bottle of syrup which made me think of the Master Cleanse. I am considering doing it in either December (pre-holidays) or in early January.

Michelle said...


Thanks for getting back to me. I have always wondered how someone who is very active would feel on this. :) good luck !!

P.O.M. said...

Silent stalker here. I'm giong to start my cleanse on Monday. Was also curious about working out on it. I'm still recovering from marathon, so I will probably just do light bike riding and yoga type of things.

Catra said...

Hi Steve-
Awesome make sure you get the grade B, that's the one you use for the cleanse. Are you going to do it for 10 days or more???

Catra said...

Hey P.O.M-
You will be fine since your not doing a major workout.
I ran 14 miles toady and was fine. I'm running 20 on Saturday and 22 on Sunday and I'm usually fine :)
Good luck.