Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This were all taking on my run today. Today I had a plan. I wanted to measure the loop up top from the Camp ground and back. It is 1.75 miles. I did the loop 3 times. I never thought of doing loops for hours and hours before. But on November 3rd I want to get everyone who is interested in doing a Mission Peak challenge 12 hours. I want to see how many loops I can do in 12 hours and I figure it's great training for Quad. dipsea. We would meet at Mission Peak parking lot and hike up. Everyone would have to carry there own supplies the 4 miles to the campground. Whatever food you would need or drink. There is water at the campground we would just have to add sweet water drops since there is now a sign saying it's not safe to drink. We could carry a couple empty jugs up and add the drops.
I think it would be fun so if anyone wants to do it let me know. I will write a more detailed instructions later.
Great day to be outside. I ran 12 miles and it was warm. Now I'm off to work ;)
Last thing I'm on day #9 of my cleanse, day 9 is usually hard for me. I'm hanging in there on Thursday night I get to eat a some raw foods woo hoo....

"Persevere and direct your energy towards your goals. If you do this and truly believe in what you’re trying to achieve you will be given the power to succeed. Sometimes obstacles should be seen as a test - pass the test and overcome the obstacles and success will be in your grasp. If you are feeling challenged right now examine whether it is due to misunderstandings or perhaps a mistrust. Opportunities will arise to resolve your situations. © Stephen Haynes"


Eudemus said...

What? You don't want to do loops starting form the base? That would be some serious training! I don't know if I'll be recovered enough a week after Javelina for 12 hours on Mission Peak. However, if I don't have any family obligations I should be able to come out. I could at least be a good mule and do a few loops.

ielala said...

Neil treats the water at Eagle Springs campground weekly. He claims the sign is just for liability.

Jo Lynn said...

Oh sure! Choose the day my daughter turns 21 years old. I'll see what I can do about doing a few laps with you that day. What time are you starting?

Catra said...

Hey Steve-
Yeah that would be awesome if you came and did a few laps for fun.
Good luck at Javelina I expect a 20 hour finish from you ;)
Just remember is all about having fun.

Catra said...

Hey Ielala-
Oh, thanks for the info.
He never told me that. He said not to drink out the one with pipe or at the campground. The pipe the closed off but I know the campground water still runs. he works tomorrow so I will call him.
I do not want to get giardia and that's what they found in the pipe water. I'm going always just carry my sweet water drops it's no big deal to use them.
Thanks ,

Catra said...

Hey Jo Lynn-
We will head up around 6:ooam and start at 7:30.
Hopefully you can come out for little bit.


You're looking beautiful Catra!! :)

hao said...


the training run sounds awesome, but i'll miss it this time. going to yosemite to do some training there. hope you have a great time at mission peak.



Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, its nice to see some landscape that isn't burning and a sky that isn't filled with smoke. I live in SW Riverside county and we're surrounded by all the mayhem in San Diego and LA. Love your blog!

Catra said...

Hi Tom-
Thank you:)

Catra said...

Hey Hao-
Have fun in the Valley.
I will be there for three days during Thanksgiving.

Catra said...

hey Anon-
Thanks for the post. It's really sad all the fires ragging out your way.
Hopefully they will be put out soon.

Debbie said...

Looking very good and healthy. Glad to see you so happy. Can't believe the Quad is already on your training schedule. Because it makes me think of my friend whom you ran in honor of last year. By the way, she is doing great... ups and downs but in remission and recovering and zen like budda. Shine on, beautiful diamond.

Miss Motivated said...

You're such an inspiration... if i weren't in Toronto, I'd be out there with you doing loops!

Juat a quick note...i'm doing my 1st master cleanse as of tomorrow (Or would it start tonight c/ the herbal laxative...oh well...!) and your posts about it have given me much comfort. I'm a distance runner too (although i'm yet to tackle anything over 26.6 miles...ha!) and I'm not as worried as I would be, had i not read your blogs. I'm excited to try it... although I'm sure as I detox, i will become less thrilled. :)

Catra said...

Hey MM-
Darn you live so far away :( hey if you are ever in my neck of the woods let me know.
That is awesome you are doing your first master cleanse. The first time was a challenge, I had so many toxins coming out. I had a lot of emotional stuff come up.
This is , I think the 10th time I've done the master cleanse.
This time I had lots of toxins coming out everyday. I really think I need to stay on it 20 days. I will wait until January and do a 20 day cleanse.
I have to be metally prepared to stay on it for 20 days.
This is day 10. Woo hoo I get to have Orange juice the next two days than back to my raw foods diet.
Good luck and let me know how it goes.