Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Me & the little man looking oh so scary.....Isn't he the cutest little Devil ever???? I was Midnight Fairy........
I still love dressing up. So funny though, I use to dress like this everyday 13 years ago. I'm very serious. I wore my make-up like that every night I went out.
LOL....I couldn't wait to get home from REI tonight to wash it all off.
Funny how much I've changed over the years.
I will find out Friday if I won the costume contest.

You better behave or I will cast an evilspell on you.......................................................................


Anonymous said...

Catra you have already cast on spell on me. God you are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Rocky you are a stud!!!! grat costume and i hope you had fun. peace, Jerry

Anonymous said...

If hell is like that,
I go without problem....;)
Beautiful !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did the kiddies give you a hard time when you filled their baskets with apples and other healthy goodies instead of candy?? LOL! ;)

I'm going to be visiting relatives in Fresno over US Thanksgiving, my first chance to take a drive out to Sequoia and check out some of the PCT! Woohoo!!


Eudemus said...

Excellent costume. See, you should have run JJ this year, that would have been a perfect costume to run in ;). I didn't make it by REI last night, I'm afraid. I spent most of the evening sitting in traffic trying to get the boys home from school so they could go out an play. Let me know other times you work as dividends are coming soon :-)

I'm just gonna have to play Saturday by ear. It's possible I might jump on the Mt. Bike and ride up to say "hi". As for a future 20-hr at Javelina, I don't think this body has it in it...certainly not if it is anywhere near 95 degrees again! That heat really beat my body up. As I said to someone during loop 3, "that's it, I'm signing up for Susitna!"

Catra said...

Hey Steve-
I have run JJ a couple times & both times I said I would wear a costume, but it's tw freak'n HOT to.
I remember last year this guy Paul wore a grim reaper costume face make-up and a cloak. Ran in it the whole race. I still don't now he ran in the heat of the day in it.
Well I hope we at least get to see you up on the top. If you come maybe you can run 1 loop with me since my fast pace would be slow to you :)

Catra said...

Hi Jay- LOL...That's funny. I had to work so the kids were lucky my uncle was home to give them candy.
Hey keep me posted on when you are going out to Kings Canyon. If there's no snow you can get over to the PCT/JMT. Might be able to meet U.

Catra said...

Hey FJ- LOL....
I did even though it was slow at work.
Hey I'm heading to Yosemite on Thursday morning for a couple days. Let me know if you want to come. Thursday: Yosemite Falls Snow creek trail to mirror lake. Friday:JMT trail to Half Dome than out to Clouds rest & back to the valley. Saturday 5 mile trail to Glacier point to Panarama back to Camp 4.