Thursday, October 04, 2007

Props go out to my girl freind Shannon Griefer. She came out with these cool sleeves to protect are arms from the sun. I hate wearing longslleves in the Summer I get to hot. I wore these yesterday on my 8 mile run and they preformed awesome. Wicked away the sweat. They come in several styles and colors go to or go to I think they are selling them. You know the key point for me, is keeping my art work fresh, and of course I look super cool when I run in them. I have 4 styles.

I will write more up on the product soon. I just got home a half hour ago from my Laser skin resurfacing proceture. It was very painful. My face is very sore. Like a really, really bad sunburn. My eyes also hurt from the little cup they put over them and my lips are huge, I know in the end I will look great but for now I look shocking.

When Jo Lynn picked me up the look on her face said it all. She looked scared for me. She said you don't look like yourself. Once the skin falls off and I don't have ointmint on my face I will look great.

I did take pictures I will put them up stating with day 1-4 in four days.

I reaally can't see right now so I muct go.

Access the Power - Cards of Wisdom: "Try not to force the situation or force a resolution. If you would just wait a moment more you will be shown, or find, exactly what you are looking for. Try to use more inner guidance, in other words, your intuition or gut-feelings. You should now be evolved enough to know that you don’t always have to have all the answers or know the future in advance in order to attain success and avoid failure. Trust in yourself and the universe and everything will turn out as it is supposed to. © Stephen "



Hey!!! I hope you take it easy then and get "healed up"! :) As long as all the work that You've had done makes you feel good and happy who cares!! :)

Maybe You can get some good reading in while You're avoiding the sun.......

You're looking/are wonderful!!



Eudemus said...

I think maybe you like those sleeves because they make you look even MORE bad-ass than you already do ;-). Very cool. Good luck with the post-surgery recovery.

Catra said...

Hi Tom-
Thanks I'm reading. Infact I'm reading Bob Holtel's book Soul, Sweat and survival on the Pacific crest trail. I've meet him a few times interesting guy.
Man, this Laser reserfacing thing really is uncomfortable. My face is oozing and hurts. I have to keep oinment on it. All I do is try and sleep. I can't eat because my face is so tight. I didn't know it would be this bad. I know I have a high pain tolarance. I know with each day it will get better. I've been reading a plastic surgery message board and it seems all the pain and recovery is worth it in the end.

Catra said...

Hey Steve-
LOL...Thanks, I like them because there CUTE ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,

Sorry you're having a rough time with the recuperation, but like you said, I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. I guess that means you will be carrying 50 SPF sunblock through the entire PCT next year to protect your investment! How many extra ounces will that be... ;-)

I'm going to Lake Louise this weekend to practice my step-kicking and ice-axe skills (it's a long weekend up here in Canada). Looking forward to tackling the Sierras next year!

Have a nice weekend and try to get some rest!


olga said...

I love Shannon's sleeves! She sent me a pair, and I ran whole Bear 100 wearing it!
May your recovery be painless and with great results, chica!