Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Girls of crossfit San Jose.
No boys today just the girls.
It was a great workout, here it is.....
Warm up
Fence run
Bkwds back
25 jumping j's
20 windmils
standing stretch(any kind)
25 push ups
20 sit ups
Partner running pulls

1 min. each 3 rounds
row no straps
wall ball
box jumps
jump pull-ups(belts)
box push-ups
1 min. rest between rounds.

Today will be crazy at Whole foods market. It was slow yesterday so the storm will hit today. I can never figure out why people shop the day before Thanksgiving. The lines are long and people get really moody.
My department usually isn't super busy. Most people arn't buying supplements.
Hope everyone has an awesome day.
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Ultra Okie said...

Hey Catra, Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!! Good luck on your upcoming race. I know you will kick ass.


JeffO said...

Woah! Check out all those gorgeous fems!
I think I need to move to California! LOL
They look very motivational.

Debbie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, tra la la la laaaah...

Good luck at the Quad. Thank you so much, again, for honoring Victoria. May you kick some ass and have a blast.


Catra said...

hey steve-
Thanks! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving too!

Catra said...

Hey Jeff-

You should move to Cali. Us girls at crossfit could really motivate you I'm sure ;)

Catra said...

Hey Debbie-
Happy thanksgiving back at ya!

I am happy to be running for Vitoria. I will kick ass for her and I will have fun doing it ;)