Sunday, September 24, 2006

Only those who risk going to far can possibly find out how far one can go...T.S Eliot
Rio del Lago 100 mile trail race. Here is a picture of me and Randy, me going on 40 hours with no sleep I think Randy hasn't slept for 38 hours. Funny how well I can handle lack of sleep.
I just want to thank my pacer Kathy Donafrio she was awesome even though I had my ups & downs she was fun and kept me moving. My crew Wayne(Kathy's boyfriend) Ruby (Kathy's daughter) They met me at each aid station through the night.
Also a huge thank you to Randy for coming out to support me. He went out Saturday to a gig and showed up at 4am to support & crew me. He also left me many phone message's and text messages. It really helped during my bad pacthes to know he really cared & supported me during my run.
My race went well I just took it easy. I just lived in the moment. Running three 100's in three weeks is not easy. You have to have the right mindset to be successful. Positive thinking!
My time was 26:36. I was happy with that.
My total combined time for running all 3 100's....300 miles in 90 hours 06 min.
I want to also thank all my friends who email & call to wish me luck during each race.
Next 100 San Diego looks like I have a few weeks off from 100s.
I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself! Oh, I know spend more time with Randy;)
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christine said...

wow....just wow! you have amazing reserves catra! not to underscore the physicality of this but you've got to have an extreme amount of confidence and mental fortitude to accomplish what you!

Ultra Okie said...

absolutely fantastic Catra!! You are unbelievable. When I grow up I want to be just like you.

Herc Driver said...

You are just amazing!!! I'm sooo happy that You're doing so well!!! I'm also happy about your "new" friend!! Could He possibly qualify as a Sweetie......? ;)

Very happy for and proud of you my friend.....



Catra said...

Hey Chistine-
Thanks. I always say to finish a hundred, it takes 50% training the body and the other 50% is training your mind to be positive to finish the hundred.
Your right about confidence, you have to go in knowing you can do it! That's what I do.

Catra said...

Hey Ultra Okie- LOL.... You want to be just like me!!! That's very sweet.

Catra said...

Hey Tom-
Yes he is my sweetie :) we are so much a like. I would of never thought way back in my goth days I would of ended up with Randy.

I'm so happy he's a part of my life. He's awesome. Don't you think we look great together???

Catra said...

Hey Tom-
Yes he is my sweetie :) we are so much a like. I would of never thought way back in my goth days I would of ended up with Randy.

I'm so happy he's a part of my life. He's awesome. Don't you think we look great together???

Eudemus said...

Catra, Way to go! It's been great seeing you set the goal of three 100's in three weeks and then watching you knock them down one-by-one. Thanks for sharing. It is definitely an inspiration for those of us still working our way towards the first at that distance.
Also, congrats on finding (or re-finding) Randy. You two do look good together. Didn't you just post about searching for your soul mate a few weeks back? hmmm....

Big Fix 06 Riders said...

Congrats Catra

You looked great out there on Saturday. I did the 53 miler (my first 50) and caught up to the Corbett-Train a couple of miles before Horseshoe Bar (you were locomotive, I was caboose and there were maybe 6 or so runners in-between). Lost you guys at the Rattlesnake aid station and caught the train again a couple of miles later. You 100-milers are amazing. I heard there were a couple of teenagers tackling RDL this year.

That was such a fun day, great weather, fantastic people, amazing scenery. My race report is on the Runners World forum.

Cheers, Paul

Catra said...

Thanks. Yes I did post about my soulmate. Looks like I found him.

He is wonderful & I feel totally blessed.

Catra said...

Big Fix-
Thanks for the post!
Awesome your first 50(53) miler ;)
Don't you feel great????

Glad you were on board for the little train ride, well at least for a little while.

I will check out your story. What's next for you????

Only one of the teeny boppers finished. 18 year old named Ben he finished just ahead of me.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

way cool!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

way cool!

Travis said...

Great job!! thats a fantastic acomplishment. Keep working hard. I really enjoy following your progress. That's a great quote too, I use it on my blog!

olga said...

You do look cute together, and he is sweet and adorable:) I was glad to meet him and even glad-er to see you again, crazy girl!
Have fun there.

RunningYam said...

Hi Catra,

Congrats on your finish on RDL 100 - three 100Milers on two week span.

I was amzed to see you running strong on the course because I had been low most of time.

Great job and excellent performance!


anil said...

Congrats Catra on yet another 100 at RDL. unbelievable feat. you looked
so good at the finish!!

stay healthy and goodluck

tim. said...

fabulous result. I just read someone say you are a goddess. I think they are spot.

Catra said...


You did awesome you finished! That's the goal. Great job!

Catra said...

Hey Olga-
You're my hero! You are amazing for hanging in there being injured. You're such the trooper.
You are one tough Momma.

P.S Yep, I think we look cute together. He's such a sweetie I feel super lucky.

Catra said...

Hi Anil-

Thanks! I felt pretty darn good..I love the challenge of running 100 miles.

Catra said...

Hi travis-

Thanks! Have an awesome day.

Catra said...

Hi Tim-

Thanks for the post. I just love to run a lot and if that makes me a Goddess then that's cool ;)

a.k.a.Moogy said...

Congrats all around Catra. For completing such an amazing feat and w/ the note about Randy. You sure are running strong! Truly an inspiration...

Catra said...

hey moogy thanks!
Yeah even if I'm not feeling so hot during a hundred it's nice to know that waiting at the next aid station is a hot guy that likes me for being me ;)
Made me run a bit faster and suck it up even while in pain.

Catra said...

hey angie thanks!

Lloyd said...

Kudos to you, Catra.

I appreciate the brutal honesty in which you offer your story and how addiction has shaped the person and runner that you are today.

You're an inspiration, for sure.

I've crewed at a few hundreds and hope to run one someday. Just one. Yet, I can't imagine stringing them together one after another.

Recover well.

Catra said...


Thank you so much for the post!!!

I'm just doing what I love..Running free.
Life is to short we must go out and live.