Monday, September 11, 2006

Wasatch 100 my finish time 33:29. This was my 5th finish in 5 years of running Wasatch. It was my second fastest time. Thanks to everyone who sent me those positive vibes I got them.
This picture was taken on a very steep section that's why I'm not smiling. My feet & legs were killing me at this point. I had 11 miles to go.
That's all for now I'm off to work I'll write more later.
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Lora said...

Outstanding time!! What is your secret????

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Way to go, SuperUltraGrrrl! I want to do Wasatch two years from now.
Happy trails,
Bad Ben

RunningYam said...

Hi Catra,


You finished 5 times "Wasatch - the toughest footrace you'll ever loved" . This year, only 10 of 151 finishers are under 24 hr, plus 80 DNF's!

You're phenomonal!

Btw, AC this weenend is your next one?


Catra said...

Hi Lora-

Secret...Positive thinking :)

Catra said...

Hey Bad Ben-
You will love the race. The course is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Have a great day.

Catra said...


Thanks :)

Yep AC is this weekend. I will see you the following weekend at Rio Del Lago 100. Are you still planning on running it???

ultra Poser said...

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See you around midnight on Sat. :)

Ultra Okie said...

congrats on a great run Catra! What's up next for ya?

Catra said...

hey ultra okie-
Next up Angeles Crest 100, this Saturday.

Catra said...

Hey Ultra poser-

Looking forward to spending the night with you ;)


Ariel said...

You don't look tired at all Catra! Amazing!

GuruParkash said...

Catra you are ultra awesome!!!
Positive vibes to you & my other ultra buddies On the AC
May you have Good luck on the Angeles Crest!

RunningYam said...


Yes, I'll run Rio (signed up in June).

Wasatch + AC + Rio - You're doing a great challenge! Hope I can do the same in future. They must be the same great runs as WSER.


a.k.a.Moogy said...

Awesome job...congrats!!
Hope to seya out there soon...
Rest and rejoice.

Catra said...


No rest for me off to SoCal to run Angeles crest 100 this weekend.