Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Me in the fog on Mission Peak...
I went out just to run 6 miles but somehow decided I felt great so I ran 10 miles. My legs feel strong after run my three 100's in three weeks.

Wisdom card...I forgive myself for any wrongdoing
Guilt never makes anyone feel better, nor does it change a situation. I now stop feeling guilty. I let myself out of that prison.
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RunningYam said...


It's been a month or two when cloud is so low at Fremont streets, I always think there is another world at Mission Peak - warmth, gentle sunshine, glowing sun, and emerald-like sky. But only when people are willing to hike up 2000 ft over 3 miles, can they enjoy this.


Catra said...

Hey Chihping-
That's right! Very few people get to enjoy this...We're lucky Mission Peak is in our backyard. I hope you are feeling better. Great job at RDL.

Ultra Okie said...

Yeah, you are lucky to have this in your backyard. I'm jealous!!


~nattie~ said...

hey catra, just wanted to ask you what is the brand and model of your backpack. it just seems awesome, with the little pockets on the sides and everything. i need one that fits more stuff than my gorgeously pink day star camelbak :-) and doesn't bounce.