Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Choices

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
J. K. Rowling

Today I woke up planning on running 20 miles. I was getting ready and Rocky looked at me like take me take me. I thought I am going to be running 20 miles tomorrow and 31 on Sunday. Plus I am leaving at 7am tomorrow and won't be back until Saturday at 8pm.
I will be working the Big Sur marathon expo. Also today was nice and cool so I thought run him 5 miles, then I could run 5 on Mission Peak and come home and do crossfit.

We had a very good time he was super happy to be out in the cool, overcast weather.
I have such a busy weekend so I really needed to tire him out. Next week end I have Mi-wok 100k so it's getting crazy.

My wod was pretty tough today here it is.

Wod 4/23/09
3 rounds for time of:
400- m run
50 -push-ups
50- kettlebell swings
50- squats
50- sit-ups

my time: 17:21


mrjwhit~ said...

Looks like a fun WOD. Crossfit is so good. What did you do BEFORE running and CF? I apologize if you mentioned in your blog before.

christian said...

I love that Rocky...

I have a beagle, among other big dogs, and he and Rocky have that same "look".

Like, "o yea, you know it, I'm spoiled with it"

Damn hounds.

Alaskan Assassin said...

You are non stop with the races. How do you do it? I am amazed.

Alaska should be well represented at Miwok this year. It will be exciting to see how everyone does. Wish I was running it.

Have fun at the Big Sur. I am not a big fan of marathons but have heard nothing but good things about that one.

Catra said...

Hey Mrjwhit-
Before running and crossfit it was clubs, drugs and alcohol ;)
I was living it up party girl style. Dancing for hours on end I guess was my exercise ..At least i was sweating all the toxins out after I put them in my body ;)

Shannon said...

Would love to see a break down of "proper kettlebell form" have you heard all the hype about Jillian Michael's kettlebell form? In a word...shitty!

Jo Lynn said...

I'll see you at Miwok. I'm volunteering at Tennessee Valley aid station ALL DAY. ;)

KRB said...

Hey Catra,
Saw you on the Ohlone Trail on Sat April 11 and said hi. Was wondering if you happened to find a black Sierra Designs vest with a Cell phone in the pocket? Lost it somewhere between Rose Peak and Goat Rock I think and since you were headding that way when we saw you I thought that maybe...
Love the blog.

Sue said...

When I start to get rummy in the head (and legs) about how to keep the mileage up but still do the WODs, I come to see what you did that day. Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration.

(I'm the woman who introduced herself to you at Montana de Oro earlier this spring)

Anonymous said...

Hello,Miss dirty

what's up?

hope everythihing is great

It's just about perfect over here

wayne and kathy

talk too you soon

Catra said...

hey krb-
I didn't find anything. You might want to contact Sunol rangers and see if someone left it. I hope you get it back there were so many hikers that day. It was nice seeing you out there. Glad you like the blog ;)