Thursday, April 09, 2009

Enjoy every minute

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Earl Nightingale
Julia and I yesterday doing a 20 mile training run. We had a blast as always.

I ran way ahead of her so she had no choice most of the run, but to run faster ;)
It rained on us almost the whole time.
She had a flaky Julia moment ;) and tried getting out of running the whole 20 but once she got going she decided to stay and run the whole thing.
Today I went back to the dentist to get side 2 of my scaling/root planing done. I am happy it's done but boy it was expensive. I have 7 fillings ,yikes...still to take care of. It needs to be done. I swear the money I have spent on my teeth the last two years I could of almost paid my vehicle off.
I know you're thinking doesn't she take care of her teeth?? Well I do. I was told by my old dentist in 2000 that I had what was referred to as ramped decay. They see it in athletes because of the sports drinks and gels we do. Then being out for 30 hours and letting it settle in and going into I guess the gum line.

I have always had cavities when I have went to the dentist even as a little girl. Usually 1 a year.
I don't do sugar drinks and don't do sugar other then fruit and smoothies which is all natural.
I do energy gels and shot bloks when I race and snacks that have agave nectar or rice syrup. I guess it's still sugar and can cause problems as we get older.
I drink coconut water as my sports drink. I do the best I can to avoid sugar.

I am going to brush and floss after all my meals and snacks for now on. And carry a liquid goldenseal tincture to rinse my mouth a couple times during my ultras.

Am I the only one with all these problems??? I want to keep the teeth I have since they are expensive now after all this work.
Let's hope most of the problems get better. They will measure my gums in a month and they hope they heal up.
I'm looking forward to a fun 40 mile training run with friends tomorrow. Looks like nice weather. I hope you all enjoy your weekend.


Tami said...

Hi Catra, I've read in several places recently that vitamins K2 and D can help stop or even reverse tooth decay. Check out this link from the Free The Animal blog:

Not sure if it's true, but it might be worth experimenting with.


Sorry to hear about your dental problems!! I had to get a root canal not to long ago, probably the most pain that I've ever been in..... The abscess that led to it I mean..... :) Hang in there!! Your looking great!!

Namaste, Tom

ohio steve said...

Great Earl nightingale quote. I have recently had tooth pain, probably from certain gels. The overall advice is exactly as you say. Rinse if you are on the trail for long periods of time.

Thanks for your inspiration.


Judi said...

i know you have 13 years sober but remember what the drugs (esp meth) dos to your teeth. i haven't spent quite that much on mine, but am barely keeping up with all the cavities i got from heroin years back.

Trail Runner Con Dios said...

You're setting a good example of toughing it out. I was born with weak teeth too and am susceptible to the same thing happening. Hang in there and thanks for sharing.