Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today is for observation. Where does your mind wander naturally-into fear or fantasy, humor or stress? Follow your mind, and observe where it goes to feed itself. Do you like what you see???
CROSSFIT WOD for time:
100 abmat sit-ups
100 burpees
100 push-ups(knees)


SimplyStu said...

I wish I could do all the Core work you do. Nice....

Catra said...

Thanks stu, you could if you wanted to ;)

nicole said...

I like that you do this with your beau. Nice of you both to be able to do this together, simultaneously, and apart. Good balance.
question: my boyfriend and i are doing our first ultra together (my first, his first with me) and i'm wondering about whether the mess from the previous evening's intimacy is a distraction to you when you camp at the start and don't get to shower before the race. I know its weird and seems prudish, but what's a girl to do? There's no way I'm not having sex in that tent, so there's gotta be a trick.

JOY said...

HI! my cousin is hiking PCT and i will meeting her in Cabazon to have her spend the weekend with me. Do you have any suggestions for a USEFUL and SMALL gift i could give her to help her along the way?? She is planning on doing the whole thing! Also, since i started reading your blog, i started getting up 30 minutes early to do some core work!

olga said...

I surely don't like where my mind goes today...long story. Thanks for posting. May be I'll be able to collect myself.

Catra said...

Baby wipes for cleaning up anytime are great!
I lived on the trail for 96 days last year and baby wipes came in handy. There was a period of 12 days i didn't shower and I just used baby wipes.
Have fun ;)
What ultra are you guys doing??

Catra said...

Mostly your cuz has everything she needs. My friend Jerry sent me a Max doll from where the wild things are. I carried one for years but lost him. So he sent me one in my resupply at Muir ranch. He's with me at every race. He's ggod luck for me.

There are these cool Karma bead bracelets we sell at Whole Foods. They are for good luck and positive energy something simple like that she would love. I give them to friends when they are doing a big races or are having bad luck in life.
What's your cuz's trail name?? I'm going to be heading out running and meeting hikers Memorial day weekend. I will be at trail angel Anderson's house. It's a big weekend they all should be in the Augu Dulce area.

Jay said...

Hey Catra,

Sorry to hear that you won't be on the PCT this year. :( I was all set to do it myself, but then life kinda got in the way. Really sucks. The snow is apparently not too bad in the Sierras either. Hopefully I'll be doing it next year, so if I see you blow by me (you'll be hard to miss, LOL!), I'll say hi! Good luck on the JMT, I'm sure you'll kick ass!

Michelle said...

Did my first Angie RX'D and rocked it, my time was 21:49 which I now have a time to once again THANKS FOR GETTING ME INTO CROSSFIT!!!wooo

JOY said...

Thank you Catra! Excellent idea about cool bracelets! i am on it! They say they don't have a trail name, because they are rookies!!

Catra said...

Hey Joy-
They will get trail names soon enough. I got mine in 2004 on the JMT running up Forester pass. I was wearing a skirt and bright red shirt. A guy said hey you, you look like a Diva all dressed up on the trail, but you're really dirty. He said do you have a trail name I said nope. He said well you look like a dirty diva. I said hey that's cool but Dirt Diva sounds better. So it was a stranger that gave me mine.
i was know also as Ditch Diva on the PCT because the guys I would hike with and out hike them and take off and only see them if they skipped sections of the trail.
Your cuz is going to have so much fun. Does she have a blog??? Give me her name so when I'm out running i might see her.