Monday, April 28, 2008

FRIENDLINESS, COMPASSION, AND DELIGHT CULTIVATE A CALM MIND.Practice the healing power of compassionate mind. Open your heart to other people without judgement, and radiate the message of delight at having them in your life.
Beautiful flowers in Sunol. Does anyone know what the red one is???
Anyone know what kind of snake this is??? I have seen 3 of them this past week. They are small with a black head and orange band around their neck.



Anonymous said...

It's a ringneck

Neal Jamison said...


Over here, we call those snakes "Eastern Ringneck." They are real small -- like pencil size or less. I guess what you have there is a Western variety. Or a smuggler.

Take care,

JOY said...

Catra - My Cousins are Malora and Carrie, they started their hike on PCT today and are working North!! So excited!!

Q of the day: Are you completely OCD about food intake to get your abs to pop (besides the insane workouts you obviously do!)

Jamie said...

Definitely a ringneck. Very docile species. I used to catch them and play with them a lot when I was a kid. Neat snakes!

nrmrvrk said...

I'll third that opinion. Ringneck. Harmless to humans.

Anonymous said...

hey! how you diggin those new Brooks? I was just looking at those and wondering if there were worth a crap...I currently run in Trace 7's, but I am thinking of moving into more of a "trail" shoe.

senator brett

jenny said...

The red flower is Scarlet Flax.

Catra said...

Thanks Neal, Jamie & nrm-
Ringneck it is. Now I know and I will pick one up next time . Sounds like they are ok to handle ;)

Catra said...

Hi Joy-
I am a vegan and try to eat a balanced zone diet each meal. 40,30,30
I also do 300 abmat sit-ups a day.

P.S do your cousins have a blog or trailjournal??

Catra said...

Hey Brett-
I really like the Cascadia's. They are a very light weight trail shoe.
I love the flashy color too ;)

JOY said...

Catra -
No blog or trail journal!! i will see if i can find anything else out!!
Thank you for the 411! would that Bender Ball be similar to an abmat?