Sunday, April 27, 2008

MAY YOU HEART SING AND YOUR SOUL REJOICE. EXPERIENCE THE WONDER OF LIFE.Celebrate all that is good and blessed about your life, realizing that gratitude is a powerful remedy. Appreciating your blessings increases the vitality of you life force.
Chiping, me and Danny.
Saw Chiping in Sunol heading back to Fremont running a 30 miler. Danny was also out training, he's running the Ohlone 50k he was doing 20 miles to Rose Peak and back. Chiping will be running Ohlone too.

Today I did another long run in the heat 25 miles. I love doing long back to backs. With the heat it has been challenging. I was still dehydrated from yesterday. I can safely say I should do well in a few weeks at my Ohlone 100 mile run.
I know we all have favorite places to run. I often think what if there was a fire on Mission Peak and what that would do to the beauty of my little wilderness.

One of my new favorite areas to run in Sierra Madre is burning. These are the trails Andy and many SoCal runners love to train on. The fire is still burning and will be 5-7 days before it is completely out. It is only 10% contained.
Here is a link

So far no homes have been damaged and no one has died. We should pray that everyone who is fighting those fires be safe.

This is my favorite tree. Not sure why it became my favorite tree but it has been for at least 8 years. That tree has giving energy to deal with the death of my Mom, dog(oskar) and sister. It has helped me through my divorce. It has giving me the energy & strength to finish many races. I carry a small twig from my favorite tree during my races. I love this tree.
Make sure to hug it during the Ohlone 50k race it's around 1.5 miles after the sign in panel heading to Sunol.
Getting energy from my favorite tree and transfering it into the universe. Hoping to stop the Sierra Madre fire.


CoyoteGirl said...

Hi Catra!

Great post! Love your tree. I need to get out to the east bay and check out Mission Peak - I've never run there.

I've been thinking about you and Andy when I see the news reports on the fire. May it be out soon and not hurt anyone!

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

that's quite a tree. the trail rocks, especially like the shot with the city behind. awesome country to run in.

GB said...

Hi Catra!
Small world... Danny and I graduated high school together and he is going to help me survive my first Ohlone 50K. I'm nervous, but can't wait! Thanks for posting the pic. :)