Wednesday, April 30, 2008

IN SILENCE, WE MOST READILY PRESERVE OUR INTEGRITY.Your soul thrives on silence. From deep inside, you receive your most certain guidance and instruction. In silence, you are without distractions. This is why we fear silence- we fear its power. Enjoy quiet meditation today.
This past weekend was the big Pacific crest trail Kick off part. A lot of hikers already started and the rest will be heading out this month and next month. I just want to wish you all a safe journey, and I plan on being out on sections of the trail to meet up with through hikers.
It's all about the journey and don't forget that.


lansenm said...

Catra -
Your Wisdom card for today is my favorite. The last time you posted it I printed it off and hung it in my cubicle at work. I still look at it a couple times a day to help me remember where center is - I lose track sometimes.

Thanks for your inspiration - It probably affects more people than you know!


Anonymous said...

Since you brought it up...

I saw this and thought of you and your blogged PCT experience I found not too long ago while studying up:

I don't know if you found the same page when doing your own homework, or if you even agree with it, but surely food for thought should you decide to go for the speed record again.

Either way walk (and run) well,