Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Well I started working at Whole Foods again. I will be working Mon-Thurs. I transfered stores. I'm working at a mega store in Cupertino. I swear my department Whole Body is huge. It's easy to get lost in my department. The store is huge too. One of my good friends and fellow WF manager friends Dominic kept bugging me to come over to his store. I'm glad I did. I will still work at REI 1 or two shifts a week. If you're in the area come say hi.
Rocky just waking up. He hates getting his picture taken.

CrossFit's Black Box


CrossFit's programming was developed by empiricism holding precedence over therory. This concept is known in the CrossFit community simply as "The Black Box". We put stuff in the Black Box(inputs) and observe what happens to those inputs when they come out(outputs). If the change is positive we use it. If there is no change or the change is negative we toss it. Here's an example: If I give Bob 6 weeks of programming and nutritional planning and he comes out of that 6 weeks with a 7sec faster 400m, a 10# increase on his snatch, 10 more pull-ups to his max, and 2% less body fat I know it worked and really don't care why. We only care that it's measurable, observable, and repeatable. We measured Bob's success with true numbers, we saw Bob's success, and now let's put a bunch of other folks through the same program to duplicate Bob's success.

There are a ton of ways to do pretty much anything. Eat, exercise, communicate, live, etc... Don't let someone else's "principles" or "therories" get in the way of what works. I know, real obvious right. You'd be suprised how many times I hear a confident voice proclaim "But you can't work legs after you just worked legs yesterday" or " You are burning too much muscle because your heart-rate is higher than the fat burning zone". The same voice has a 135# max squat, can't run a mile in less than 10 minutes, and is over 20% body-fat all with following their workout "principles" religiously for over 5 years.

What I love about CorssFit is that if something emerges that is more effective than the current programming for the goal of "being fit" CrossFit will use it, as long as it's measurable, observable, and repeatable.

(taken from crossfit unlimited web-site.)


Judi said...

Great pics Catra. Lucky you to work at Whole Foods. I hope they give you a good discount.

mary said...

Hi! I 'found' your blog last week, and I've started reading all your posts from the beginning... It's gonna take some time, you're an active blogger! =)
But - the most fascinating about you aren't the number of posts, it's the never ending smile on your face, to see that you love training is the thing that made me continue reading!
You've really inspired me to involve crossfit into my training, it seems so fun - and hard! =)
Take care!
/mary, sweden

CoyoteGirl said...

Hi Catra!

Congrats on the Whole Foods gig. I hope that it's a good and happy fit for you.

BTW - I've been working on POSE now for a week or so and I just ran 39 minutes on a route that took me 41 minutes before I started POSE! That's measurable!

Currently I'm mostly crosstraining with yoga - but I'll have to seriously check out crossfit.

Rebekah said...

I just recently found crossfit...

and I am already obsessed!

I can't wait to see the "measurable, observable, and repeatable" part of my transformation!