Monday, April 07, 2008

me and my wonderful pacer Andy Kumeda , 2 miles from the AR 50 finish . I didn't have the best race in the world but I finished. The first 27 miles killed my legs. My feet were so sore from my shoes. I had to change shoes at mile 20. I had worn the same shoes 40 miles, on a training run but it was all trails. Live and learn. I was happy to have Andy pacing me. My goal was to finish in under 11 hours. Once I knew I was having problems. I really had to push to get in under that time but I did. 10:57.

Ask for guidance in seeing the truth concealed in your personal challenges.
Bless your difficulties and ask to see their hidden guidance. Have the courage to accept what you discover and to initiate whatever action your healing requires.
Andy & me looking super stylish at the finish!!!
I was really hard on myself about my finishing time but Andy made me feel better this morning in an email he wrote.
I took him on a run on Mount Diablo yesterday. It was cold and foggy, but so healing for me.
I will be running this very trail next week and by this very same Black Oak that I love near Deer oak flat. Next up Mount Diablo 50.
Andy thanks for all your support during my race you were fantastic.


Michelle said...

we will be at check in helping out..see ya sat.

You finished the race and that is what rocks. I do the same thing to mysefl but then I realize..I did something awesome..not mnay can say they have ran that and finished!!

Catra said...

Hi Michelle see you at Check'n.
You are so right...There is never a bad day when we run it's only a bad day if we can't run.

olga said...

catra, congrats on reaching a goal, even if it had to be adjusted mid-way. i felt same way at ar50:) glad andy could make it!

christian said...


Took Crossfit Cert this weekend and I know you will be soon as well.

...thought you might be interested in learning what went on:

Nice job at AR50. Much respect.


Catra said...

Hi Christian-
I took my crossfit level 1 cert. in March.
Glad you got yours. it was a blast. The trainers were awesome.
Hope you had fun.

Catra said...

Hi Olga-
It was tough but Andy was there making it fun. I did have a mini melt down. That's waht helped me get in under 11 hours.
Andy was awesome.

Brad said...

It was great meeting you out on the levees at AR50!

Good luck at Diablo.

Rajeev said...


Meeting you after the race was a wonderful finish to my race day!

You rock girl!!!


Jen said...

Awesome work!

Jamie said...

Congrats on the race! Great job at pushing to get under 11. That one picture of the hills makes me want to yodel.

Mark Reifkind said...


first thing, great blog- I always enjoy reading it.I went through a stint as a ultramarathon runner and triathlete way back in the early eighties and am extremely impressed with your consistent mileage and racing ability.amazing.I KNOW how far you are running is, and what it feels like.Can't quite grok your recovery ability.
One question though, do you feel the change in style to the pose running had anything to do with your leg pain in this recent race?
when I first read you were changing your form I wondered why, when what you were doing was (obviously) working so well and for so long.

take care


Catra said...

Hey Mark-
I really think it was the shoes. I'm fine now.
Pose running is great but I know you should not change your style over night.
My body is getting use to it and I do like the whole idea of falling forward and pulling instead of pushing.
It was the pavement and my shoe choice. I even ran the next day 3 hours on Mount Diablo.
But your right about changing it I'm just tweeking it a bit ;) my pose instructor told me not to change it over night. Thanks for your post.
I need to really practice the drills instead of trying to do 40 mile training run in pose. It will make my body get more use to that style.

Mark Reifkind said...

I can't run anymore but I remember running downhill in the arroyos of santa fe when it felt like I was just free falling and lightly touching the side of the mountain as I danced down the side.If one could feel that way running on the flats it would be way cool.thats what I imagine pose running feels like.

Judi said...

You rocked that race Catra. You go girl.

Alan said...


It was great seeing you after the AR50. If you were unhappy with your finish time, it didn't show - you were all smiles. It was nice to meet Andy (and what an AWESOME job he did at C2M!!!)

See you at the next race.