Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Leona divide 50 miler. In Memory of BINGO.
I often dedicate my races to friends or strangers who have passed, or who are ill and can't get out and need prayers and positive energy sent to them.
Andy and I were sitting at Starbucks reading the LA Weekly when I noticed a story about a wiener dog named Bingo. He was hit and killed on March 20th by a car, it was a hit and run. Click on the link to read about him. It really touched me.
Andy and I in front of a mural and memorial wall dedicated to Bingo in LA(Lake Side area)
Andy, Catra and Quacker after the race.
Andy and I both battled stomach issues during the first part of the race. We ate something the night before that made us sick. This was our first 50 mile race together and NO,It won't be our last we had fun. Andy is much faster than me but he says he wants to run races with me. There will be times when he wants to race and that's. fine by me. I think I might become faster the more I run with him.
The weather was cold it was also very windy at times. I had my jacket on a good part of the race. I really fought to stay positive when I was having issues. I even called on little Bingo to help me run strong and he did.
I was very emotional when we finally hit the PCT section of the course. Last year I hiked the 33 miles and I told myself I would be back to run the 50 mile race this year.
I was over come with sadness wishing I would be part of the group of PCT hikers out there this year. I have a love for that trail and unfinished business. I want to go back and get the woman's record but it will have to wait another year :(.
I enjoyed the memories of that section of PCT. I enjoyed telling Andy stories and showing where I slept and all about the Andersons who are the trail Angels in the area.

I loved the course and I loved the out and back section where you get to see all the runners. I even saw some Northbound section hikers doing the last 450 miles of PCT. I stopped to talked to them and told them to tell the Anderson's & Saufly's hi(trail angels). How I miss being all grungy and dirty and living on the land.
We really picked it up on the way back. Andy set our goal on finishing in 11:40, we finished in 11:36. We had so much fun.
At the finish a woman came up to me and gave me a hug. I was surprised because I didn't know her. She said you might know by this..she than acted like she was going to moon me..I screamed Mrs. Anderson from Casa da Luna. I didn't get to meet her last year, but since she and her husband are trail angels I went to their house and met Mr. Anderson. Terri (Mrs. Anderson) was at the hospital with her daughter who was having a baby when I came through.
The hikers I met during the race called her for a ride from the trail head and mentioned Dirt Diva says hi. She found the finish of the race and came to meet me. How cool was that??? It really made my day.
I'm going to try to head out to Casa Da Luna when the big heard of PCT hikers come through at the end end of next month. Trail Angels are like volunteers at a race, only they take you in feed you, and let you shower and speed the night. I'm amazed at how wonderful these people are to open their houses to complete strangers. I'm also amazed at how a trail Angel would go out of her way to met me.


olga said...

The story about Terry is super-touching, Catra! And you look so happy - from inside out - and so beautiful!

Catra said...

Ahh...Olga thank you!!! I am still touched by the fact she came over to the finish to meet me.
I hope you are well and ready to rock at Mi-Wok.

Anonymous said...

When do you start your
PCT trek?

It's turning out to be
a very low snow year.

Catra said...

Hey Anon-
Going to have to sit this year out :(
Not enough money to take 3 months off.
I will be hopefully doing a triple on the JMT. It's never been done as far as I know. I will be going for the woman's unsupported record on the way out and trying to break my Yo Yo record. I hope to complete the 636 miles in 26 days.