Monday, October 08, 2007

Sorry if I haven't been blogging latley. I had CO2 laser skin reserfacing last Thursday. The recovery is rough. Pretty painful. Basically it's like have a really bad sunburn. My doctor did my whole face down my neck. It is really scary the way you look. I had no idea I was going to look this bad. Thank god for the internet and friends who know people who have had this done.
You skin gets oozy and crusty & peels off. I'm on day 5. My face is very puffy part of what happens. I will make a seperate blog about this. Just in case someone is interested in having it done. Most everyone who has had it done said it was the most painful thing they have ever had done. But they said in the end it was worth it. I know a few months from now I will be saying the same thing. By day 7 all the skin should have fallen off and I will be pink & red.
I Had a lot of sun damage my doctor said and I started developing sun spot & small moles. Once I'm able to get out again I will be wearing sunblock and a hat all the time.
Thanks to everyone for being very supportive.
Have a beautiful day.


miki said...

Don't do the laser resurfacing on Rocky, cuz he looks just perfect. :) Good luck with the healing. The pain sounds...painful.

Catra said...

Hi Miki-
Don't worry I won't. If only I had a hairy face I would be protected from the sun damage and wrinkles..LOL..
Thanks for the post.

olga said...

OMG, sounds horrifying! I had no idea that lil' surgery I did would have been painful as well - I almost regretted it while recovering, but now plenty happy:) You know how it goes, Cat, so just be patient and draw energy and positive vibe from real friends! Will you come over to SD?

christine said...

stay strong and positive ...this too shall pass (i'll be telling myself this too come saturday,lol) certainly know a thing or two about pain and preserverence.

mer said...

Catra ~

Glad things are moving along and you're healing on schedule. I can hardly wiat to see what the new sunhat will look like ;)

Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I think Rocky must be the healthiest dog in SoCal!! Sorry you're still suffering, try to think good thoughts, like finishing the PCT in record time next year!

Catra, do you think it would be possible to thru-hike the PCT starting in mid-March, or would there be too much snow in the Sierras by the time I got there? Getting a leave of absence is proving tougher than I thought, I may only be able to get March to July off. Thanks for your input!


Catra said...

Thanks Olga-
I thought that surgery was painful too but this is the most uncompfortable experience by far.
I was told yesterday by my PS that this Surgery, Laser skin reserfacing and a face lift woman get very , very depressed. It's true you just think what have I done. You don't look like yourself. Some woman get a face lift and the skin reserfacing. that's crazy.I told him how depressed I was. He said they really have to make sure the patient is stable.
I am just trying to live day to day. Stay positive that's all I can do. And of course spend time with Rocky.

Catra said...

Good luck Christine. You're running the Golden Hills Marathon.
My friend Jo Lynn is running her first Marathon too. So if you meet someone name Jo Lynn say hi to her.
Have fun and good luck.

Catra said...

Hi Mer-
Gotta find a cute one. Really I will be training at night and early in the morning for a while. Well once i can run again.

Catra said...

Starting in March is to early. You really don't want to head out of Kennedy meadows until June 13 I believe that's what the hikers call Ray day. If there is snow you really can't leave until that date. This year it was different. Some years you can go until June 21 to much snow.
Another problem leaving early is the snow up high Idyllwild and Angeles crest there could be a lot of snow there too.
I wouldn't worry now. We need to see what kind of winter we have. The plans will based on the snow pack. This year the window closed Oct. 1st to make it into Canada a lot of my friends got hit by those storms. Usually they have until middle or end of October to finish.

You know if you have a lot of experience in snow travel you might be ok. I just wouldn't want to be the one breaking trail through the Sierras.