Friday, October 12, 2007

Rocky getting lot's of attention from Jo Lynn.
Jo Lynn will be running her first Marathon tomorrow. She's running the Golden Hills trail Marathon. I know she will do great. I wish I could be there at the end to see her finish. But I'm stuck in my house until Monday. I have my next post-op visit then.
My face is looking much better still red & pink and swollen but everyday it looks better. I can't wait for the ok to go outside and be able to run again.
One more good luck wish goes out to Christine, a fellow blogger and friend running her first marathon tomorrow. You girls will do well just remember have fun :).

Access the Power - Cards of Wisdom: "I’m sure you have heard the expression, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. How true that is right now so do not judge conditions by their appearance. New opportunities, new possibilities, or possibly a second chance, are just around the corner. All things are cyclical and evolutionary, just like the caterpillar turns to a chrysalis, so the chrysalis becomes the butterfly - each serving its purpose, each part of the other, so understand our own lives also operate in this evolutionary or metamorphic way. Keep an open mind and the truth will be clear, you will be shown the way. © Stephen Haynes"


JeffO said...

"Don't judge a book by it's cover"? But Rocky looks so cute! Yo, he IS the DAWG! He's got more babes than anyone!

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,

Thanks for the comments you left me the other day about starting too early on the PCT. I had heard of "Ray Day" before but didn't know what it meant until I read your post. I have to be off the trail by the end of July and I figure I'll have to leave Kennedy Meadows in early May at the latest to have a chance of completing the whole thing by then. That means an early April start at Campo. I think I might just start then and if there's still too much snow by the time I get to Kennedy I'll just have to call it off and section hike the rest another time. I've got decent glacier skills, but I really don't want to showshoe my way through powder and spend hours digging snow caves every night. I did an out-of-season glacier traverse last weekend in Lake Louise (Victoria Glacier via Abbott Pass if you're familiar with the area) and I would have slid into a crevasse if I hadn't been roped up. It made me think about the hazards of solo hiking the Sierras in early season. Anyway thanks again for your insight and advice, you've not going to charge me a consulting fee now are you? ;)

You must be climbing the walls being cooped up in your house for so long. I'm glad you're healing well and hope you can get out and run some ultras next week!

Thanks again,


Catra said...

Hey Jeffo-
It's funny you say that. When I was married, my X who is a Big Wall climber we would be hang'n in Yosemite. And his climbing buddies would ask to take Rocky for walks. He was known as a chick magnet. Anytime one of my guy friends take him for walk chicks are all over him.
When I was hiking the PCT this Summer I arrived at Kennedy Meadows and there was the cutest doxie. I went right up to the guy holding it and was petting him and talking to the guy. Crazy thing this guy was biker type beard missing teeth, smoker and drinking a Coors. But he loved his little dog and was so loving to it. See what I mean chick magnet. LOL...

Anonymous said...

JoLyn is pretty, she looks like she could be a sister.

Eudemus said...

Look on the bright side, all the indoor time means you get spend it all with Rocky! Good luck to Jo Lynn, I'll look for her out there as I am running Firetrails. Hope the healing goes well.


Catra said...

Hey Anon-
Jo Lynn is beautiful on the outside, as well as the inside.
She would have to be the pretty sister, that's for sure. She's one hot momma. As you can see Rocky loves her too ;)

Catra said...

Hey Steve-
You will be flying by Jo Lynn at some point. She's number 555 easy to remember. She will be the one smiling and having fun. Boomer her dog and Keith her husband will be at the finish waiting for. You will of course recognize boomer & Jo Lynn from my blog pics. Anyways make sure to say hi since they also live in lovely Fremont just like us.
Have fun Steve and kick ass!!! ;)

Jo Lynn said...

Boy, no wonder my ears were ringing today! LOL Catra, you have the nicest friends. :)

You're pretty frickin' special too. :-)

Love ya,
~Jo Lynn

Catra said...

Hey Girlie-
Yeah, I'm lucky to have such great friends just like you ;)
Call me if you want to come over so we can take the boyz out. We could dress them up in their rain jackets. We both can fit under my cool skull umbrella.
My face is not so fat today..Woo Hoo. My neck is still oozy ;(
Love ya

Eudemus said...

I'll definitely give a shout out to a fellow Fremont runner! You'll have to get her up to running an ultra next so she can be another of the Fremont Ultra Runners - aka FUR Nation ;-)