Saturday, October 20, 2007

Catra & Julia having fun!!!!
My first Fall Newt sighting, and boy is he cute just a little baby. I hope he makes it safely to where he's heading. Good luck little guy.
Julia's turn around point. She's a Mom and a wife and sometimes she has things to do, so she can't play all day with me :(
Feels good to be back up to running 20 miles again. I felt great. I'm on day#6 of the master cleanse and felt pleanty of energy on my run. What a beautiful Fall day. Have a beautiful day friends.
"Things are not always what they appear, so examine everything carefully. What looks very positive could be negative and what looks negative could in fact be positive. The universe is a strange place and so things don’t always have to go according to your plan to actually be beneficial. This is a time to rely upon the Self, so examine and let go of support systems that no longer serve you. © Stephen Haynes"


dirticesand said...

I gotta tell ya, love the newt pic, how'd ya get him to pose for it. You make living in Fremont bearable. I'm in alabama now, maybe I can tell ya my story sometime. "It keeps you running, yeah, it keeps you running."

Catra said...

Hi Jon-
Thanks he was so cute. I simpley asked him to give me his best look and to work it:)
Yeah, when you come to visit we can run and you can tell me your story. Should we run 50 or will I need to run 100 miles with U to hear your story.

Caren said...

Lookin' good Catra! Glad to hear you're feeling better and better, and back to running in the great outdoors. Thanks for being so honest about your resurfacing and plastic surgery. You are one courageous, honest person.

Keep it up girl!

Jo Lynn said...

Wow, he really is cute! What a great shot. I didn't realize Mission peak was socked in yesterday morning. Looking at you guys, I could feel the cold though. Brrrrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

Catra... great pic of the newt... much more photogenic than that asshole "Newt" Gingrich. More info on the L'Oreal sunscreen... you can't hang out in the fog forever, although that looked like a cool hike. You run.. I hike. Anyway, you can get product info at , and purchase on-line from , it's still not available in the USA, only from Canada. I just re-upped my supplies, as even during the non-summer months, you can still do skin damage. Keep up the good work on your blog... I find your "words of wisdom" that you share each day... sometimes inspire... sometimes lead to questions... sometimes, just bring a smile. Take care... "Sunscreen Steve"

Catra said...

Hi Caren-
Thank you so much.
I know most people wouldn't talk about, or show people what they look like, going through something like the co2 laser resurfacing.
I figure so many people read my blog someone out there might be thinking about doing it.
I like being honest I know some people don't like it but oh well.
have an awesome day.

Catra said...

Jo Lynn-
If you only looked up you would of seen, but you were a very busy girl pulling off a wonderful party for your wonderful Mom. What an amazing person you are. I'm sure your Mom had fun.
I can't belive the cool shot of the baby newt I got. Just got lucky ;)

Catra said...

Hi Steve-
The little newt was very cute :)
I just orderd the 60 spf for my face sounds like great stuff.
Can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for the awesome info. on it.

Anonymous said...


That is one cool newt! ;) Almost National Geographic quality! What camera are you using???


Tim Janak Jr. said...

Hey Catra,

I was wondering if you could send me a quick story of your life coming from you past life to Ultra Running and the things that you have accomplished. I am a Middle School Band Director/Ultra Runner and Massage Therapist in Houston, TX area. It is drug free week at our school and I like to share your story with my classes. Thanks! My email is posted at the bottom of the page.

Tim Janak

hao said...

thanks for the advice, catra. i'm looking into the jackets right now. will get everything ready soon to test them out. hope the master cleansing is going well. i'm planning on doing some training runs on the ohlone trail next month. i will let you know to see if we can get some miles in.



btw, i just watched the runner. the pct is so amazingly beautiful. i was excited to see some of the parts like crater lake in the movie that i recognize from your blog. can't wait to see you give it another go at it.