Monday, October 29, 2007

The Mission Peak 12 hour challenge...I highlighted the route. the part going up is where we are hiking up. We will start where it says Eagle springs campground.

I was out running at 4pm and it started raining. I unleashed my inner child and we had fun.

There was a high school cross country team out on the Alameda creek trail. I got worked trying to keep up with those kids. Yeah, they kicked my butt. Well I am like 26 years older then them.

I thought back to when I was their age. Hell would of had to freeze over to get me to run...LOL... Now look at me. I can even fly, just look at my legs in that picture.

"The call of destiny is strong, so follow what you know to be right and true. If you ask the universe for help, inspiration or guidance be assured that it will be supplied. Persevere with the sure knowledge that what will ultimately transpire will be, not only as good as you think, but will in fact be much better than expected. Have faith in the future, your long-term goals will surely be fulfilled. Remember though that it is the power of commitment that makes it so, not just idly wishing. © Stephen Haynes"


Anonymous said...

Hey Catra... the kidz always kick butt... they are so much more aware of their strengths and goals... which is good. I think the generations from the 60's on taught their children well... achieve your dreams. I surf with the "Groms" almost every day. At 57... old-age and treachery, can always overcome youth and skill in the line-up. Still waiting for the SPF 60 "Face" sunscreen... maybe a couple of days. I checked out Stephen Haynes... and some of your quotes... there is something there... still digesting... keep up the pace... Stevo

Pinkcorker said...

Love your running outfit (especially the skirt). Please share the brand, where to buy etc.
Also, re: your Nathan women's vest with water bladder - my bladder developed a small hole in the upper right. I haven't even had it that long. I thought I had seen a comment from you on the Runner's World forums about this. Do you know if they will replace them? I love the vest, but disappointed in the reservoir.
Good luck on the Mission Peak 12 hour - sounds like a blast.

Snakebite said...

What do you mean "just look at my legs?" I had to look at that picture four times before I noticed a body of water behind you. Wowza!

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,

Love this outfit too. Please share brand of this as well.
You look awesome.
Glad you are recovering well.
As always you inspire.
Thanks for that!!!


streak said...

Rock on Catra! As we watch the young and wish we could be that quick, I bet they are looking at you and saying I wish I could be that strong and alive! Wish I could join in on the 12 hour Mission peak, good luck!

olga said...

Awesome legs! And yeah, what skirt is this one?

brittany said...

I love the last photo... and the idea of running in a skirt.

Catra said...

Hi pinkcorker-
I make a lot of my own skirts.
The one I have on I made.
There is a company I'm sponsored by called atlantaskirts google them she makes really cute skirts. I wore the same two for 2,000 miles on the PCT and they are still in perfect shape.

Email Nathan and let them know. To be honest I went through I think 4 bladders. So i just bought a camelback bladder to put inside my Nathan pack. That was over a year ago and no problems.

Catra said...

Hey Stevo-
Sure those kids are fast but can they out last me ;) No way!!!
Hopefully you get the SPF 60 soon.
Let me know how you like that one.

Catra said...

LOL..You're to funny.

Catra said...

Hi Streak-
If only you lived in Cali. you could join us.

Catra said...

Hi Olga-
The skirt is one of my many creations. I deconstruct my old running shorts and made them all into skirts.
I started doing that in 2002. I wear skirts all the time. My friend Heather owns atlanta so I have the skirt with the longer short that I wear to crossfit. The others I wear to run.

Catra said...

Hi Brittney-