Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

These pictures where taken in the desert sections along the PCT. The first 700 miles is pretty much desert..

Each one of these pictures were taken at various times when I felt like giving up. It just happens when you're out there alone, cranky and tierd. But each day I would look back at my pictures and say why would you want to quit??? I would look at my pictures at night, and know there was no way I could quit.

I have been laying low latley. I had eyelid surgery last week I'm healing great. Tomorrow I'm going in fo my final surgery I've been wanting done. It's called laser resurfacing. I have been talking to my plastic surgeon since Febuary about having this done. The only reason I haven't done it sooner is the down time. You have to stay out of the sun and really can't go out while the healing is taking place. The first 4 days is the worst. You have to keep your skin covered with ointment for the first 10 days. Your entire face will peel off. And underneath your new skin is bright pink to red for the next couple weeks. After 2 weeks you can apply make-up so you don't look so pink all the time.

After a month the redness fades. Some pinkness can remain for up to 3 months. Nothing make-up can't hide.

I finally decided I can do this now since I'm not working and I can avoid the sun for two weeks.

I know you're asking why?? First is why not???

I have a lot of fine lines and discoloration from the sun. It will erase fine lines even out pigment and my skin will be fresh and smooth.

I have read everything I can about the laser resurfacing. I am happy to have very supported friends that I can talk to as well. I will be documenting the healing I will take pictures. I know I will look a little freakish in the begining so I'm prepared.

As you all know I'm honest sometimes to honest but that's just me.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Please send me positive thoughts tomorrow. Thanks everyone.

Oh, if anyone has had this done or knows anyone who has, please feel free to email me and let me know how it went.


Anonymous said...

good luck Cat! You should be happy and proud to be doing stuff for yourself!

Eudemus said...

Wow! Good luck with the surgery. That sounds like the recovery is pretty intense. You will be all healed up for Halloween. Just in time to put on a mask??? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Diva,

Nice pics! You must have been happy to run across the water source! I've started my PCT training doing hikes up a local mountain trail called the "grouse grind" with a heavy pack. I'm actually headed there today after work! It's only a 1.8 miler, but it gains almost 3000 feet so its a great workout. I think the women's record is something like 33 minutes, are you going to go for it? ;-)

Good luck with the face peel (not that you really need it)!


JeffO said...

Very beautiful photos. Kind of hooks into your soul when you're out there doesn't it?

Good luck with the laser resurfacing. Show photos, okay? If it's too much for your blog, put them on YouTube or MySpace and link to them. You'll have plenty of time on your hands if you don't get out.

olga said...

Positive thoughts to you, girly!

Catra said...

Hi Mike-
Thanks I am.

Catra said...

Hey Steve-
LOL...I should of scheduled it closer to Halloween. I wouldn't have to explain why I look so scarry.
I told my friend Jo Lynn tonight when we're walking our boys. That I would have to resort back to my Goth days and only come out at dark just like a Vampier.
I think I have to wait until all the skin peels & falls off before I can run.
So if you see a light up on Mission peak it's just me training. I will be called Diva of the dark for a few weeks...LOL
Only night running for a couple weeks for me ;)

Catra said...

Hey Jay-
Thanks...Good for you. It's good to be in great shape once you hit the PCT next year.
I told myself next year before I hit the trail I will start 3 months ahead and do back to back 30's with my pack every week. It was tough getting in hiking shape going through the desert. It's amazing how many PCT hikers show up out of shape and a couple months into it they are in rad shape. Half the people I met were just weekend hikers and never hiked more tan a week before. The biggest thing is train your mind that's what keeps you going day after day.
Hmmm where's this mountain ;)

Catra said...

Hey Jeffo-
I will post photos..You're right I will have lot's of time during the day. I will do any outdoor activities only at night ;)

Catra said...

Hey Olga-
Thanks so much.
Did you ever have your surgery???

techdivine said...

Hello there Diva,

Awesome pics!

It must have been great feeling to to run across the water source.

Keep inspiring

Be well


olga said...

Got mine done, the one we talked:) Pretty happy, even though never thought I'd be doing it and never wanted it. Just turned out this way.

Catra said...

I knew you did I could tell by photos. you look awesome.

Gregg Lynn said...

Good Luck Today!