Sunday, November 26, 2006

ZEN CARD.....Peace
To create peace in
the world, you must be
unruffled within.
Become tranquil,
walk in stillness, and
act in harmony.
The serenity that
radiates from you will
create peace.
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flatfoot freddie (fer da' hitman) said...


Catra said...

Hey flatfoot freddie-
I love you too ;)

Shari Baby said...

You look mad :(

Catra said...

LOL...Shari, maybe because I was going to work ;)

Yeah, it's not one of my best pics. I was just in a rush and wanted to write a zen card note.
I hope you are well.
I ran Quad. dipsea yesterday it was so fun. You will have to run it someday.
I'm running a 50k run with my friends next week for fun.
Hey good luck at CIM. I have a bunch of ultrarunner friends running it.
You can always tell the ultrarunners at a marathon they carry their hand held bottles and wear there trail running shoes.

Shari Baby said...

I'm doing great thanks....getting ready for Christmas and hanging lights, etc. I love this time of year:) Congratulations on your Dipsea - I hear that's a monster of a race!! Thanks for the encouragement to do well this weekend.....I don't know how fast I'll be able to go - my body has been a little cranky lately :( I'll look for the ultra people while I'm out there....we all blend in. We all come from the same stock....cept you all are a tad crazier!! Take care...