Tuesday, November 14, 2006

STILL HIGH ON LIFE!!! No drugs or alcohol needed.
Drug free body!! That's right! My body is a temple and if I treat it with respect it lets me do whatever I want. My mind works together with my body and with both clean & clear I can do whatever I want.

I'm still thinking about all the fun I had this weekend. I forgot to mention ,I think Oklahoma wins the award for the most road kill I've ever seen. I'm sure there was at least 100 dead animals along that route.

Zen Card...
All beings want
to be loved and
That is something you
can give to them.
Love completely,
and unconditionally.
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Ultra Okie said...

Ha!! Yeah, there was a lot of road kill. My body is my temple too Catra. I have gone a month and a half without the demon alcohol!! After finishing that 100 mile race, I feel like I can conquer anything. I don't even want to drink anything anymore. You are an inspiration to me and so many others and to be able to meet you, and you turned out to be everything I thought you would be, was very special to me.

I will hold you to the grand tour offer. don't be surprised if Sarah and I show up in California some time...


Randy said...

And what a beautiful temple it is! Great job this weekend! Congratulations on another great accomplishment! You are nothing short of amazing and I am so blessed to be inspired by you!

runrgrrl7 said...

Congratulations!! Big hug from Merced!!

Jessica Deline said...

A dead animal for every mile huh? I'm not sure whether to laugh or cringe.

My Picasso said...

You don't know me but I've been "stalking" your blog for a few weeks now.
You are AMAZING!
I am so inspired by you & all that you do. I'm just starting off in the world of trail running & am truly inspired by you.
Thank you for your words of wisdom & your will to inspire others.
It is sincerely appreciated!

Catra said...

Hey Ultra okie Steve-

Oh, that's so great you haven't drank alcohol in a month I'm proud of you!!!
You can do anything Steve running 100 miles moves you up to Rock Star statis in my book ;)
Did Sarah have fun crewing you. You two are very sweet and I bet she's so proud of you!
So whens your next 100??? I'll be running Rocky Racoon in Febuary you guys otta come out for it.

Thanks for the nice words. You didn't think I was crazier in person?? :)

Catra said...

Hey Randy-

You rock thank you for coming back into my life. you are truly a great friend and i plan on keeping you around forever :)

Catra said...

Hey Ofie-

thank you girl.
Love ya,

Catra said...

Hey My picasso-
Glad you stopped by if you want any advice i'm here for you sista.
Much love,

Catra said...

hey jessica-

The dead skunk smell was the worse.

i stepped on a dead armidillo at night that was gross :0

Feminist Runner said...

Catra, a road 100! That's crazy talk. Glad you survived it, and I can't believe how quickly it went.
Really nice race and you are such a shining example with your sobriety! May we all fight the demons inside of us with the same courage and charisma. I'm working on mine everyday.
Blessings to you, girl!

Ultra Okie said...

Hi Catra, yes, Rocky Raccoon is on the radar screen for sure. I bet we will see you there. Sarah enjoyed crewing for me and having her there made everything that much sweeter. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

I don't know if I deserve rock star status yet, but I should have brought my banjo and played a little Deliverence and Beverly Hillbillies music. Perhaps I have acheived Hillbilly status!! :)

We will see you in Texas in February!! I am runnning two marathons this weekend. I am a little sore still, but think I will be ok.

take care and rock on girl. you're the best!!


christine said...

way to go catra!!!!!!!

CTT said...

Man you are the most photogenic person that I have ever seen. How do you always look so good in your pictures? Everyone a keeper!

Catra said...

Hi Ctt-
It's just how I look ;) I'm just being myself..Glad you like all the pics.
I'm told I'm colorful so maybe that's why I look good so much to look at?? I dunno.
Thanks for the post.

Running Man said...

Woke up this morning with a troublesome back, started getting on myself for having skipped out on my "core" strengthening regimen the past few weeks, that led to a general negative assesment of where my bod is at forty. Then I read your post and I remembered, "hey, say what you will, but I am drug and alcohol free." It put a smile on my face, keeping it simple always does.

Catra said...

Hey running man-

I'm glad I could a smile on your face ;)