Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rocky the Rock Star and me...
Me and Rocky went for a three mile run this morning.
He loves to run.

I leave tomorrow for Javelina 100 mile trail race please send me those positive vibes.
I'm running the whole race with my friend XY. Hopefully she won't kill me out there.

Zen Card....
problem solving

The way to remove
darkness from a room is
simply to turn on a
light. In the same way, to
rid yourself of any
difficulty, concentrate on
the solution
rather than the problem.

That's exactly what I'll practice today. Have a great day.
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Eudemus said...

Funny, we have a cat named Rocky that we often call Rocky Rock Star. He's chased me down the street a few times, but he's more a sprinter than a distance runner :-).

Have a great time at Javelina this weekend. Nothing like an ultra to take your mind off things. I've never met XY, but I have seen her at a couple races. I love her outfits!

Anonymous said...

I send all my positive vibes for you ....
i'm sure that you go to make still a beautiful race....sure!!!!!
positive vibes for XY also....

Catra said...

Too..Funny. My Rocky isn't very fast but he's been up Mission Peak many times.

XY is so much fun between me and her we will be stylin on the trail. Even if we have a tough time we'll still look good!
That's most important ;)
Take care Steve. What's next for you?? Are you running Quad??

Catra said...

Hey Ju-

Thanks so much...
I can't believe your going to run 200k in a 24 hour run that's so fast...
Still no snow in the Sierras. Hopefully it will be a low snow year since me and you will be kick ass out along the PCT in 6 months.

Debbie said...

Good vibes coming your way. I leave tomorrow for a half marathon on an island off the coast of Holland called Ter Schelling.... oooo it's gonna be cold... Have a great time out there, Cat.

Ultra Okie said...

+vibes Catra from me to you this weekend for sure. You seem to run 100 miles like it is a walk in the park. You are awesome!

Cool Dawg!!

See ya,

surftrip said... you like punk music and made a 180 from the drug life.

A great, but super old school punk band is Minor Threat. Straight-up, hard-driving riffs but mostly about living clean. The lead singer went on to front for Fugazi...

Check 'em out - I listen to "i don't wanna hear it" where those demons try to surface or old "friends" try to reappear and suck me back in.

Good luck at Javelina

Eudemus said...


I think my Rocky might be the same size as yours! As for races, I was going to do the Quad, but my wife convinced me it was time for me to take a "real" vacation. I will be spending 3 weeks in the Patagonia region of Chile starting on the 18th. It's some place I've always wanted to see. No racing, just lots of hiking and exploring with a small adventure tour group. I may sneak in a run or two, though ;-).

Didn't see any info on a webcast for Javelina so I'll be looking for your race report here when its over...


Looney said...

Catra, you look like the lady that blasted by me on Rose Peak a month or two back. I was checking with the park maintenance guy to figure out who the lady is that goes blazing along the trails behind Mission Peak.

Have fun at the Javelina.

Anonymous said...

We will see ya at Javalina Marc and Tanya

Feminist Runner said...

Good luck, Catra! And I know Rocky will be mentally running 100 m with you.

christine said...

Be strong and fierce this weekend....sending tons of good vibes!

Catra said...

Hey Debbie-

Thanks have fun running your Marathon in Holland.

Catra said...

Hey Ultra okie-

I just make it seem that way ;)
Hey what's up with Mother Road 100?? We're now finishing at Carl's Jr..To funny since I'm a vegan and never eat fast food. Haven't for 13 years :)
They do have salads, I hope!

Catra said...

Hey Surftrip-

I love Minor threat. Haven't listen to there stuff in years. Gotta go out and get a CD or two.

I have a Fugazi CD my friend made for me not sure which one!

I'll never get sucked back in I love running to much!

I read something rRandy had on his blog I love" I said no to drugs but they wouldn't listen" Beleive me they listen now clean and sober 12 years and going strong!!!!

Drugs still souls...I got mine back when i quit!

Catra said...

Hey Steve (Fremont)
WOW, I'm sure you'll have a blast in Chili. I'm sure they will have updates during the race. We wear timing chips on are ankles. I'm sure they will have something on the site.

Catra said...

Hey Looney-

Had to be me if you say a girl with pig tails and tattoos(lots) If i passed you, you would of noticed the star tattoos going down the back of my legs ;)
All the rangers know me I'm a fixture along the Ohlone wilderness trail/Mission Peak from fremont to De Valle.
I run a hundred mile fun run 2 times a year on the trail.
I will be running 42 hours out there for my b-day in December.

Thanks for stopping by.

Catra said...

Hey Renee-

I will have fun. Thanks girl!

Catra said...

Thanks Christine you rock!!!

Randy said...

Lot's o' vibes & prayers coming your way! Have fun! I am sure you will feel & do great!

Catra said...

Thanks Ran-

I will have fun..You know me. I love to have fun!

Ultra Okie said...

HI Catra, I am not a Carl's fan but I really appreciate their willingness to help out the MR100. Not sure about their menu either, but hopefully there will be something for you to eat there. If not, don't usually have to look to long to find a Subway. there is a health food supermarket not too far away from the finish. Probably within 8-10 miles.

I hope the weather is going to cooperate for us on the 11th and 12th.

Can't wait!!